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Thread: Leveling a cleric as a tank!

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    Default Leveling a cleric as a tank!

    So I made it to 23 leveling as a cleric inq/warden/cab. Lots of fun to solo with. I also bought a 2nd role to heal pur/sent/warden. Killing it in dungeons and doing okay in warfronts.

    So I was in a dungeon last night and some people told me i could tank with a mh/shield combo using all the same gear for dps/healing. I read a few forums and it didnt sound true. But maybe at lower levels it could work?

    I bought a 3rd role and went justicar/ shaman/inq. Looks fun to play but as soon as I qued for a random, I had my face smashed in on the first trash pack!!!! Same gear just found a mh/shield combo.

    So my questions.
    1 What stats should you heavily focus on at this level (for tanking)
    2 - Am I at least going in the right direction with the tank spec.
    3 - should i just say f it, stick with heals dps, and reroll another tanking class.

    If i could do all three with close to the same gear, game on!

    Btw, I just came back from a year mmo break (3 years high end raiding wow before that) and choose rift over wow. LOVING it so far. Shards just seem awfully dead. But I will keep trying new ones every 7 days.
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    I don't have a tank cleric, so I'm not going to start advising you on that really. However, I know that you might want to focus on putting together a set of gear that has str, end, and wis on it. Something that might help is to buy your wardrobe slot, and maybe put some of that gear in there. That way you can save space for all your loot, rather than having various sets of gear taking up space. You'll find that it helps as well if you have a good healer, perhaps it wasn't just you that caused your death?

    As far as shard health goes, you might want to check the individual shard forums. That way you can see what guilds are recruiting, maybe create a temporary toon in shards you are interested in, and maybe talk to specific guild reps, get an idea of what the shard is like. That way, you aren't shard hopping every 7 days, you might be able to get setup with a guild right away, as well as getting a feel for the shard population. I don't have the link, but others have linked the site that tells you what the general overall shard density is during parts of the day. It doesn't specify which portion is which faction, but you can check the site during your prime playtime, and get an idea of shards to test out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by varthan View Post
    1 What stats should you heavily focus on at this level (for tanking)
    2 - Am I at least going in the right direction with the tank spec.
    3 - should i just say f it, stick with heals dps, and reroll another tanking class.
    1 - Endurance is always going to be first and foremost as a tank. Since you don't need to worry about Toughness(50 stat) just get your endurance up as high as possible.

    2 - At this level It really doesn't matter what tank spec you decide to use. As long as your putting 90% of your points in Justicar you will be fine. I use a Justicar/Cabalist/Sentinal spec on my cleric for tanking. Use Cabalist AoE to pull and then just start going to town with my Justi abilities.

    3 - Its up to you. Of course Warriors are always going to be the best tanks, but most groups are not going to discriminate. My guild has a few Cleric MT/OTs and they are pretty good at what they do.
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    Go for high endurance item first. Then choose items with high wisdom/spellpower over intelligence/spell crit. And make sure you're using CASTER weapons with high spellpower (that will be converted to tanking stats via talents)

    And about the spec, make sure you have the tank talents (the ones that increase your block, convert spellpower to block/dodge/parry and the -X% damage taken when at a high enough level to take them in justicar and the rest of points to take damage reduction & extra healing in shaman)

    I only started tanking on my cleric around level 40 so I'm not really sure, but I hear we're quite mediocre at low levels.
    Also one thing that will always help is to make sure your gear is good for your level (i.e do the right puzzles/cairns every 5 levels and try to do each dungeon at least once to grab all the good stuff from it)

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    Shields usually don't have spell power on them (there's a blue recipe in stonefield that does, though) so they're not suitable to casting. As a caster you want a 2H item or else a 1H weapon and a focus not a shield. If you go cleric DPS, i.e., shaman, you definitely just want a strong 2H weapon.

    As for tanking, at about your level I tanked deepstrike mines and it went fine. My build was primarily justicar, and then the remainder in purifier for self-shield, the talent that boosts your armor whenever you cast a heal (doctrine of bliss). Some shaman for the talent that boosts healing on you and the damage-dealing self shield is also nice. There are of course lots of other ways to build a strong Justicar but I think a little shaman and a little purifier both go a long way and in the 20s work well.

    I think you probably just need to fiddle with your build a little and practice more and you should be doing well. Of course, it's essential to be in the right stance to tank - were you using Mien of Honor or Mien of Leadership?

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    I am new to this game too but think that I could share my view of cleric tanking too (finally got my cleric to 30, now having warrior and mage to that level too think that it's rogues turn this next ;).

    Anyway I did roll my cleric 3 days ago with idea of "I want to see how clerics tanks.. and how they heal too". I was able to find great healing leveling guides from forums but sadly about only thing I did find about tanking was: "forget whole thing" or "look how these AoE grinding builds do it".

    Neither of these comments were really valuable as you can imagine ;)

    Anyway cleric tanking is possible and really fun too. Just remember that your role isn't to do damage nor heal but just try to hold agro and stay alive.

    My cleric build now when I am level 30 is: level 30 build

    To go those talent poinst through 1 by 1:


    Armor of Virtue , What can I say? Wonderful Passive mitigation talent.
    Life's Devotion , It boosts your salvation + salvation is great = this talent is wonderful
    Healer's Creed , it's "meh, have to put points somewhere" talent. About only time you are going to use those is if you see that healer is having problems and in that case you are screwed anyway. These points can be safely transfered to Hammer of Virtue if you want more threat.
    Doctrine of Bliss , What I did just said, you need this only if your healer is having problems and with this build that should happen often. You could again safely transfer this point if you feel that you need extra threat. I though notice that I end up using this couple times during instances
    Stalwart Citadel , passive mitigation... increases blocking chance. Heck, yeah. Must to have skill (even more if you remember that blocking increases your mana regen later ;)
    Precept of Refuge , Bind this one to every macro which you ever make and make sure that it's always on. You just can't get better skill than this one.
    Safe Heaven , Precept of Refuge (from now on PoR) is great skill alone, this one makes it better and hey, you need it to get next level. Don't doubt about taking this one.
    Shield of Faith , problem is that this one is so great talent. If it wouldn't be this good I would gladly put points to Vengeful Justice. Sadly it is too good.
    Devout Deflection, No brainer really, after putting 3 points here each of your wisdom point increases your Dodge by about 0.5 points and Parry by about 0.8 points. Seeing how we swim in wisdom and how it is useless stat to us without this talent. Well lets just say that take it and never look back.
    Reprieve, our "oh ****, my health is on 20%, healer is dc, 2 giants are pummeling me" button. This is truly lifesaver if used correctly.
    Commitment, finally your manaproblems are atleast partially over. This one explains why all those blocking chance skills and talents were must.
    Thorvin's Law, Hopefully you by now have learned to keep your PoR always on. This one is last step to make it wonderful skill. Permanent 10% magical damage reducement is just nice.


    It's truly shame that Justicar is so great tree since Shaman could solve manaproblems and give us great shields. Oh well, I stick to Justicar anyway ;)

    Thick Skinned , all this damage reducement starts to make us bit like a tank already ;). 3% more to what we already have doesn't sound that much but oh well, it's always 3%
    Dauntless Courage I really didn't bother to count which one brings more tps, I just took this one. These points are basically fillers to get us all neat tools later.
    Favored by Valnir, Yet another passive tanking talent. Nothing really special here
    Glacial Shield, it's just great. Put this to macro too and be happy with it.

    First of all you shouldn't have mana issues hopefully but on those cases I start to run out of mana I try to pull single mob (bosses works fine ;) and just spam my single target macro while having Purpose on, this usually returns me to full manapool.

    AoE tanking issues:
    I haven't yet find solution to this, 3 mobs tanking is easy but when there is 5 mobs your only chance is to activate Righteous Imperative and hope that dpsers kills those mobs faster than you lose agro.


    Single Target macro:
    #show Precept of Refuge
    cast Glacial Shield
    cast Precept of Refuge
    cast Strike of Judgment
    cast Vex
    cast Fated Blow

    What this does is that it tries to activate Glacial Shield if it isn't on cooldown, then it tries to cast PoR by failing that it either casts Strike of Judgement if mob is in melee range or Vex if he isn't. Fate Blow is casted when there is on GCD on other skills.

    If one starts to change tihis I do recommend to keep 1st and 2nd as those are now. This basically turns to single target fighting to just bashing 1 button.

    Aoe Tanking macro:
    #show Even Justice
    cast Glacial Shield
    cast Precept of Refuge
    cast Even Justice
    cast Fated Blow

    No big surprises here either, it keeps your Glacial Shield and PoR up as much as possible and rest of the time spams Even Justice.

    Other skills you want to use are:
    Bolt of radiance, this is miracle worker, heavy damage and 8 sec cooldown, it's almost like a taunt except that you can also deal damage with it
    Righteous Imperative, This is almost too good, thank good it has 1 min cooldown or it could be gamebreaker skill. AoE taunt and enough damage to everyone to clue those mobs to you. It's just too good.
    Purpose and Reprieve I hopefully already did went through. Keep both close to you and try to make sure that Purpose is always on cooldown.

    I haven't yet figured out who deserves Righteous Mandate but put it to somebody and forget it.

    As a buffs:
    Mien of Leadership, you just can't tank without this. Don't even try you just mess everything and everyone is angry to you.
    Cavalier, Least important (imho) of your buffs, this just let you heal yourself or party on your instant heals when there is need. To notice though that those heals are rather expensive.
    Salvation, It heals you > it works always > it's good, use it
    Vengeance of the Winter Storm, I wouldn't dare to forget this, basically it increases your threat by (might be wrong here) 30-50 per hit (at my level it increases damage by 6).

    Courage of Bear or Courage of Jaguar this depends heavily of your party members. If you have even one warrior use Bear, it increases your avoidance more than Jaguar but if you have only rogues and mages feel free to use Jaguar. Just make sure that you use one.

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