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Thread: Looking for a Guild

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    Default Looking for a Guild

    I've been playing Rift for about a month now and absolutely love it, for the most part. I've decided to transfer from a PVE to PVP server to make things more interesting. My main issue is that I can't seem to find a guild that works as a guild. The one's I've been in either lose membership and crumble or no one is willing to help you out.

    I'm 26 and am always online and reachable. I don't want to be the best gamer on rift, but I would like to hold my own in most instances and be a part of a guild that has the same ideal. You could consider me a hardcore player, but not one of those that wines about not winning a fight or dying in game. The progression I've gained so far is from errors. Watch others, research and explore different alternatives to better your play style.

    I'm willing to transfer to any NA shard necessary to find a guild that uses vent or something of the sort, plays together, raids together and progresses in game as a group and isn't spamming for membership because they have a turnover rate of 80%. What's the fun in mmo's if your not making friends and having fun doing it?

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    Most guild adds are located here:


    If you don't see a guild you like you may want to repost your post there and hope someone sees it.

    Edit: Remember, you cannot transfer to all shards.
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