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Thread: First Thoughts and experiences

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    Wink First Thoughts and experiences

    Ok this maybe useful to a newcomer but I am one so here it is

    I just started playing 2 days ago after purchasing this game in the steam deals but haven't had the time until yesterday

    I decided on being a warrior and having my souls as

    I really enjoy being both a riftblade and a beastmaster as having a pet helping you fight is so cool but being able to fight with spells I guess builds an excellent tank role

    At the moment I'm a lvl 11 in the area after the starting area and the soul reason I haven't progressed very far are because of the Rifts
    These things are amazing and so addictive!
    My first time with one of these was as exciting as Christmas so much stuff was happening soo fast, spells were flinging hordes of people arrived to fight the fire monsters that were summoned by the rift. I was attacking my pet was attacking everyone was in one party fighting off through waves of these creatures! After we had done it I was jumping around like a crazy thing raving after how many people had come to help battle the spawning mobs!
    After that I did every rift I could! And invasions and massive events where 10 rifts would spawn and massive invasions happened and everyone was running around hacking or casting at nearby enemies it was chaos but in a good way! It felt like this was my own land and I had to defend it for the might of the guardians
    The visuals for the rifts are amazing too the land gets stained and structures form or tentacles drop from the sky, well this game is amazing!
    I can't wait to level up more and see what else I can do!

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    Welcome to Rift! I'm glad to see you enjoying it so much. I do too, and I've played since mid-Beta.

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    Welcome to the game Yep it is pretty cool how folks come together to defend the land. Tip for you too...make sure to equip those essences you can get with rift loot to help up your stats. Enjoy !
    Seltara ~ Defiant

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    My brother does that combination. I myself use Beastmaster, Champion, Warlord. The Warlord buff you get by default seems more useful as encounters general don't involve one mob. But that's a good way to start either way. If you stay beastmaster don't forget to utilize the protective companion buff so the pet will tank for you.
    New to the game? Haven't started yet? Use my trial code and I will be open to answer any questions when available. I currently reside on the Greenscale server leveling alts or doing random things.(Guardian Side) Just look for Tracor, Bolby,Eronus, or Faeron. http://www.riftgame.com/en/products/...=ascend_invite

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    Welcome to Rift!
    Elsabeth - Clarisse - Claire
    Seastone Defiants
    IGN's Rift Kingdom Manager http://rift.ign.com/

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    Welcome to Rift I still feel that way when I do invasions with a group of folks. Its controled chaos man. And it is a blast!

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    Welcome to Rift - I've been here since Beta and I'm still loving the game

    I can still remember my first major invasion - what a rush - these days I don't do so many with my main but my low level alt is still having fun opening every rift she comes across.

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