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Thread: Question about instancing

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    Default Question about instancing

    I've been digging around the site a bit -- what are the levels that the dungeon finder lets you join queue for specific instances? (For example, level 15-20, etc). I know I'm still too low, but I like to have something to look forward to :-) Other than the awesome invasions and rift events!

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    I am guessing you can use the lfd for the first time around lvl 15 or 16 for the 2 low level dungeons although I think it might also be based on stats so maybe if you have some blues at 14 you could as well.
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    This post was created before the LFD tool was implemented, but it shows the minimum recommended level for all instances currently ingame.


    Its a sticky post at the top of the dungeons & raids section of the forums.

    The numbers are certainly not fixed, they are merely recommendations, but should give you and idea of when you can do the different instances.

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