December Suggestions

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That, or at least put the quest (daily/weekly) at the top of the list, so I don't have to scroll to get to "Quest". Artificer is especially bad as "Quest" in the middle of the list.

  1. Add "hide/show" mobile for friends list! We can do it for guild, why not friends list?
    Change the "Hide/Show" mobile for the guild list so if a character is online on mobile only and "hide mobile" is selected, they show as being offline, instead of not showing at all.

  • 12-24-2012, 06:20 AM
    I will only address the certain points I have comments, it's a nice long list of great suggestions with quite a few excellent must-have ones :)

    NB: Because your list is so long my comments might seem numerous, if you consider them my only real opposition in that list of yours is my belief each character needs to earn their own things.


    Originally Posted by Purgwolf View Post
    Hide other profession patterns on the Dimensional Pattern Vendor. (ie if you're NOT an Artificer or Apothicary, those would no longer display.)

    Only if you have a way to expand it out to a full list, as you see in other places with the little checkbox down the bottom. I am often decorating and think, who makes that item. I would hate to log through all my alts looking at the list.


    Make Trade a global channel, so people can use it more often without needing to be in a major city.
    I feel it may become barren's chat. It could be a dangerous thing, but then, the tools are there to clean that up so it's probably not too bad.


    Add Looking For Raid feature similar to LFG.
    Raids need a specific make-up of characters and they really need vent/mumble/teamspeak/whatever to succeed. I fear that forming a raid the old fashioned way is best.

    What might work is a fill in list, where you can put down your name and raid formers can look through it and easily message you and ask "What's your hit", "we are forming now and will need 4 hours - do you have that time?" or whatever they wish to ask.


    Add "Classic Normal" to the Random Feature and seperate it from SL Normals.
    That reduces the ability for the system to help people at lower levels by pulling you in and forcing a mentor, even if you didn't tick the mentor box. In theory I would have thought you would not be assigned into a grey dungeon unless those people down there really really needed you, in which case it would seem to be the nice thing to do for them.


    Add Surnames (last names), or an option to have them.
    I'd love it! but it's a naming standard nightmare, especially with a little creative use of titles. Unlike chat it's harder to ignore an offensive name and it seems our GMs have a real difference of opinion to me at least on what is and isn't offensive.


    World Event titles should be Account Bound. It can be challenging enough just trying to get them on one character, let alone several
    Achievements account wide.
    This is our only real disagreement point. Sorry. I strongly feel the title/acheivement has to be earnt on that character.


    People who leave Raid in Conquest should be ported out.
    Allow people be able to opt out of Mercenary for Warfronts.
    Mercs are needed for balance. Who you PvP against should not be so personally offensive that you can't stand to be on the same side. There is a point roleplay has to stop and good-sportsmanship take over. Especially now the two sides are at truce, in lore.


    Allow Dimensions to go higher then level 4. Some of us REALLY get into them, and it sucks to have so much you want to do, and then cap out. :(
    This is likely to be a system limitation. More items mean more rendering and more memory, with that comes an FPS and a real network cost. I think they have a good reason for the limit.


    Change "Auroborus Woods" port back to Ursin Grove Bunker.
    This makes me think... put a rez point near there. It's a very long run back should you die in the woods!


    Make the Crow companion CAW rather then cherp.
    They changed it to a crow's arrrrrk Like Landslide I wish they had of left it alone.


    Mounts / Companions account wide.
    As before, these need to be earnt per character.


    Please spend more time on Mount rear end art, as that's the part we players have to look at. :(
    Please remove the poop-flap and give us back Landslide's original cute buttcheeks. :P


    Account wide acheivements.
    you have duplicated this one. I still feel things have to be earnt by character.

    It's a good wish list, please don't let my small number of comments and effectively a single real opposition detract from that!
  • 12-24-2012, 07:25 PM

    Originally Posted by Astyr View Post
    Unless they changed it so that your alts automatically have edit permission, I have to set full permissions to edit my alt's dimension on my main character. And even if it is now alt-friendly, my ikea boy still needs to be able to drop and pick things up.

    You can, I edit my alts dimensions all the time, and always have since we first got them, and none of my permissions allow anyone to mess with anything.


    As far as the crow "aaarrrk" mine still tweets... :(
  • 12-30-2012, 01:28 AM
    In response to the OP:
    • Make some way to sort the Runecraft Book, having them all in one huge list is a bit overwhelming some times. Weather by Stat it gives, or by item it goes onto.

      Good idea, and the auction house search needs the same thing.

    • Make Friends / ignore lists account bound.

      This has been a very popular request for a long time. I'm not sure why it hasn't been implemented yet but it needs to be.

    • Make Trade a global channel, so people can use it more often without needing to be in a major city.

      No thanks. It would be horribly abused by gold spammers and other degenerate forms of life.

    • Add Looking For Raid feature similar to LFG.

      This would be nice, but it would need more detail such as raid roles and if the player has ever completed that raid.

    • Please! Add weapon slots for our costume! You have been giving us costume weapons but no slots to do it with. If you can make Harbinger turn their mage weapons into wicked 2 handers, why can't you make costume slots? Heck, I don't think most of us will care if the glow effects are removed, to save coding issues.

      I love my glow effects. I would be very upset if they were removed. No, I am not joking. But yes to weapon wardrobe slots.

    • Add Surnames (last names), or an option to have them.

      Yes, please!

    • Achievements account wide.

      No thanks, too easy-mode.

    • Allow all costume pieces and capes to be Dyed.

      I agree with this.

    • Add a feature to the World Event vendor to spend misc. tokens that are not enough to spend on anything, or that we can no longer spend/collect. Maybe for Planar Attunement tokens or something.

      This would be nice.

    • Report AFK feature for Conquest: to many people just sit in the base not contributing to the battle. Some use the "I'm crafting" excuse, but still are not really helping with the battle, anyone that dies can quickly craft something and return to the fight. We don't need people spending the entire duration of the battle at the tables.
    • People who leave Raid in Conquest should be ported out.

      Both of these sound great.

    • Have guards in major cities tell you where key points are in those cities, or mark them with some sort of icon.

      Great idea!

    • Mounts should scale with our riding skill.

      Only if we get a speed slider bar under options. I want to be able to keep pace with friends and groupmates when mentoring down, not doing the stop-and-go thing.

    • Mounts / Companions account wide.

      Again, too easy mode.

    • Account wide acheivements.

      Same as the other account wide suggestions. No thanks.

    • Allow IPs from Afghanistan for our Troops!

      Bad idea. This would be an OPSEC (Operational Security) nightmare for reasons too numerous to go into here.

    • Add a Race Change / Faction change feature, I'm sure people would be willing to pay for this.

      I wouldn't. A free, one-time-only race change for all characters created before the faction barrier came down and no gender change please. This isn't Bangkok for crying out loud.
  • 12-31-2012, 12:52 PM
    i agreed only to things that doesn't nerf the game. i hate too easy mode. expert level stuff - trion should up ante on rewards for an incentive instead of nerf it.

    btw - i am a casual who likes grinding, challenging things and i have one healthy hand to play the great game.