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    Default Thoughts

    Some things that are annoying and are in the possibility of a simple fix:

    #1 - Greater essences no longer counting as *unique*
    There is zero reason to restrict the use of greater essences from the same element. Besides that, Earth greaters do not have the tag and can be used together anyway.
    So you can sit on a bis fire SP and a bis fire CP but can only use one of them, farming for more greaters while it's literaly in your bag. nice

    #2 - Remove vendor price for Ascencet Weapons.
    Those weapons have a unique pink border and usually bring some passive benefits. the vendor price is a couple silver and numerous people have sold theirs by accident already (bc swiching weapons puts them somewhere in your bag - with the support declining any help)
    Seeing the restricted access and immense value of those weapons, the ca. 78 silver they sell for screwed alot of people over already. (Eternal weapons can't be sold or thrown away)

    #3 - Gear upgrade that requires VP colossi now counting Foothold bosses and normal event bosses.
    Not only the Carnival earring but now also the Planar Champ weapon- and who knows what else to come- require VP colossi. Sometiems as much as 80.
    *Participating* in killing the final boss is BY FAR the least contribution to a zone event. Usually you see 3-30 people simply camping the spawn location and wait for others to push the event to then popp guild banners and full Archon-cd it down while others auto attack it a single time for the full reward. This simply is against any common sence of any reward system and is a massive issue in supporting egocentric and lazy playstyles.
    So often you see people doing multiple footholds in a VP event to only have then witness the final boss burnt down in under a minute before they could reach it (even with opie whistle+ loading screen!- let alone a dc)
    Normal 66+ event bosses would give an alternative to the very repetitive VP event.
    Foothold Bosses giving progress will not only reward active participants (sounds pretty stupid to explicitly point that out) but also Gives people with limited gametime a way to push the progress.
    Something alone the line of *not having a full day for many months to afk somewhere and rightckick something once every 1-2 hours. Not to mention that this kind of bs can barely be considered gameplay- while being the most effective way without an alternative.

    #4 - Fragment Unsocket options.
    New people may take a while to find out about the difference between Mystical and Martial Fragments- but often enough you have a semi good fragment on the main, a trash one on the alt and now get a slightly better one- without a chance to re-use the decent fragment (which may have cost 1500 plat or more)

    #5 - Class balance attempt 2?
    It's been almost a Year now since Mage balance started- and died.
    Harbinger is in a weird state of doing okay dmg (12% short) but being WAY too dependent on offsoul gimmics. The Light and Lightning themed Harbinger constantly refreshing noisey death dots feels very wrong.
    Pyromancer takes >50% of it's dmg from the offsouls.
    Ele only works as 58 Hybrid since it's 41 and 61 legendaries are broken.
    Warlock only working in pvp when spreading Atrophy on people and dealing low impact dmg.
    LEF is still way too uncontrolled and as soon as there is a second target, you cannot control Crystalline Missiles or Fire Storm slapping all Lef's on that unimportant offtarget.
    Warrior still has this Eternal > all mentality for almost every mechanic, making Warlord the only dps build remotely related to previous expansions- and to why people usually roll a Warrior.
    Not to speak of alternative souls which rendered worthless since 4.0 launch- many of those being paid dlc souls.
    Beastmaster: It can simply have Legendary Fury Unleashed have Command to Attack mirror Legendary Flaring Power - so it takes 61 point +1 Leggy socket- just like on Archon.
    Primalists want an alternative to Molten Wave - Fury Blast.

    #6 - Class Nerfs
    °Hellfire Blades is WAY too easy and powerul. It is completely Eternal Independent, free to use, long uptime, short cd, passive+active cleave and pretty much mandatory, making most souls it's b***tch with the sole purpose to procc/ deliver as many HFB/ sec as possible. It could be applied to a single target to procc the effect on hit.
    °The Inquisitor package is fun and games- but a casual 3+ mil burst on T1 gear is a level of raidscaling we never had before- not to speak of the raw pvp power.
    °Sharknado and Vulcanist in pvp- you know the drill- fully mobile- non interruptable ranged spammer, combining the best from Marksman and Inquisitor- two of the most oppressive pvp souls.
    Legendary Icy Blow now has a cooldown when used with less than 3 combo points. 1cp: 15 sec cd, 2cp: 5sec, 3: non.

    #7 - Stop giving best-in-slot-gear during Events
    They look stupid out of season, already take WAY too many gearslots and also have this trend of giving a silly +200 gain over the last year's version. They usually require you to do things like *Talk to Antrophinous and wish him marry christmas* - as a reward you get T3.5 for every random EoA exploiter

    #8 - Fix EoA
    You simply can't queue for EoA without having 4 people heading straight to the stones without hesitation. Sometimes you get them to try it the normal way and have theyr little DArk souls moment of actually beating a boss.
    The problem: Not only do those runes dominate the market and give random people thenthousands of platinum by pure luck and no effort- but every minute camping on a stone is a minute they could practise theyr gameplay on the same boss and become better in situational awareness, mechanical skill and decision making- somethign that gives a thousand times more performance gain than a chep rune. In the end there is this trend of 100% of EoA exploiters being unrelyable in other team content- and everyone f** ing up badly in said team content can be found exploiting dungeons.
    The argument of *exploit being faster* is a fraud. Salasohcarv can be done in under 2 minutes- while the average exploit group takes 1-10 attempts to bug it out, need 15+ secs for the tank to sort his stuff and then slowly onebuttoning it down, takes the same time/ longer. (ofc onebuttons hitting the immune boss won't do it in 2 mins but that's the point- do it and practise.
    Afking on a rock for 400 runs and exclusively run you solo farm build all week long can't expect you to suddenly perform when playing a key role once a week.
    If you can't kill a boss, you don't get loot. Simple system.
    And if you can't kill a dungeon boss in full T2, the rune won't help you either.
    If i list the exploits here it may get deleted for promoting them can you believe it?
    °The time your tank spends, perfecting his Eoa exploit moves, he could spend understanding his class and then not calling every ****up by his side a *bad luck* (Looking at you Isiel snowflakes)

    #9 - 1h Eternal + totem for Mages and totem for Cleric, offhand for Warriors.
    Animation delay is quite substential for many classes and how they play.
    Explanation: Every weapontype has an animation delay between your keystroke and the dmg/ healing effectively happening. (Not talking about the autohit-swingtimer). test it. Use a 2h and do an aoe swing on a dummy. Now see how far the gcd clock has progressed until the strike actually hits and the damage popps up.
    2h Hammers, 2h Polearms such as the cleric 2h Eternal have a animation delay of ca. 1.15 seconds, a 1h mace has ca. 0.35 sec.
    The delay persists no matter which costume you are wearing. Mage with the Harbinger blades will still take the *true* swing delay. Equip some random dagger on mage and see how *snappy* everything suddenly becomes. The delay penalty is most noticeable on Shaman, Druid, Warlord, Riftblade, Harbinger where it effectively impacts the gameplay since the delay gives very slow feedback (Ready Posture, bursts, refreshing dots with strikes) and forces different decisionmaking. (Harbinger's delay on Lucient Slash is so bad that you rather use it too early before missing the Blazing Light Refresh, Shaman Deep Freeze on the 2h only supports 9 swings in it's 10 seconds.)
    Going from a 1h to a 2h melee feels like the 2h suddenly giving 300ms ping- very uncomfortable on proccheavy or tightly synced rotations.
    This delay is a fundamental mechanic to work around since the Weapon damage got normalised.
    Only the SFP class devs back then seem to not know about it :/
    Atm, Only Cleric can get a Eternal-totem-combination. But it requires insane drop luck and will always be a 0.5-1% dmg loss due to totem stats.
    With Mage Harbinger settling in a solid spot, the totem- topic again becomes very relevant.
    Yes, we all want the Eternal to be gone. It would be time for a new Expansion already so even a greater meta-change is cool at this point. But we also know that it won't be easy and won't happen quick- so please at least finally give this fundamental QoL for the time being.
    Seeing how quick a CP cape could be addet to PTs back then makes u think that adding those bits on the semi- last eternal stage is defenitly possible.
    The ones who completed the Eternal saga could have a simple *talk to- quest* option to get it the semi last stage of the wep options. Expect alot of itrop runs

    #10 - vostigar Trinket- rework.
    Heart of the Berzerker Works nice. Inintial damage on a new opponent triggers 50k bonus damage.
    (bc changing First Strike and it makes much more sence here)

    Eye of OmnoxThe random procc and 90 sec cd is a littlebit akward. Would be cool to have alternatives:
    (it gives 5.5%-7% in one 90sec cycle)

    There are 5 more trinkets which are utterly useless- mainly bc the benefit is too short with too much cd and many of them give flat bonus damage at the moment- which is laughably low. Since nobody even owns them right now:

    Quickened Sand Could have a passive effect of reducing all casts by 0.4 seconds and increasing damage and healing of them based on base-casttime.
    +1% for the cast per 0.1 sec base- casttime.
    (Pyro, Archon, Chloromancer, Runeshaper, Sentinel, Preserver, Maelstorm, Dervish)

    Horn of Daclaron Provides a 60 sec cooldown and be useable on a specific target to reduce it's damage taken by 40% for 10 seconds, leaving a 50 second debuff like an intercept and taking 20% of the intercepted damage.
    (Heal and heal support)

    First Strike Increases damage of the next 5 direct attacks by 80% (not: dots and channels, FB is a dot), 60 sec cd. Effect wears off when the trinket is unequiped.
    (Warlord, Paragon, Riftblade, Champion, Predator, Ranger, Sabotuer, Nightblade st, Druid, Shaman, Dominator)

    Coursed Claw Increases the critical strike chance by 20%. Every damage over time effect on the target increases the damage that damage over time effects deal to the target by 3%. Damage over time with area of effect last 6 seconds longer.
    (Warlock, Harbinger, Stormcaller, Vulcanist, Berzerker, Typhoon, Mystic, Defiler, Cabbalist, Inquisitor, Reaver, Beastmaster, Assassin)

    Energized Tenebrean Battery Stacks up like Heart of the Berzerker through attacks of 5 for 5 secs but increase damage and healing done by 1.5% per stack.
    (Omnox alternative for encounter with uncontrolled burst phases, softens the burst for better coverage)

    Let me know what you think
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    Oh and some of your suggestions will be patched in 2024, with some minor fixes that's been around since forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuradid View Post
    Oh and some of your suggestions will be patched in 2024, with some minor fixes that's been around since forever.
    So you are telling me there is a chance ..?

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