Recently I was thinking ideas, about how can the game get new challenging content, with the small team Rift has.

1.A new raid, that is happening to an existing location (like EOA dungeon). Team only will have to make new bosses mechanisms.

2.New zone events. They can even copy paste zone events from old zones to the comet zones. Just to have more variation.

3. New reputation level. To some of the comet zones for some cool rewards (new mounts,dimension items,gear) , so people go out to the world again and feel lively again

4. Make Mentor system more rewarding. People don't use mentoring, because there is no reward. I suggest add a new currency that you can gather everytime you comple as a mentor an old dungeon/raid. With these marks you will be able to buy some rewards.

5. More quests to existing zones. They don't have to make new zones to continue the story of the game or tell a side story. They can use the existing level 65-70 zones or even old zones.

6.New artifacts. Can't be that hard to add new twisted artifacts to comet zones. They can add also some new rewards with lucky coins.

These are my suggestions. Feel free to discuss about them and tell me your opinion.
Would be nice if CM cummunicate with us and pass the ideas to the rift team.