While i understand a lot of thought and process as well as effort goes into the battle pass, Perhaps a way to increase your revenue on sales as well as maintain the "have people doing both pvp and pve" would be to add a PVP battle pass with slightly different rewards. This would not only remove people from leeching different aspects that they have no interest in, but offer 2 things for someone to work on which would lead to rerolling x 2 of things people hate (everyone hates certain pve and pvp stuff no matter how much one or the other they do). It would be possible higher sales/income generated from battle pass sales but rerolls as well while satisfying the community. I cant take credit for the original idea as that belongs to Azteck@greybriar, but i have elaborated some with my own ideas to it. Please note i do understand how much time goes into designing those battle passes and the rewards but even a reskin with different colors for each pass, One color for PVE, one color for PVP, would suffice and not be too difficult.

Thanks for your time in reading,