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Thread: Improving Warrior Riftblade Survavibility

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    Default Improving Warrior Riftblade Survavibility

    Riftblade usually does okay but only against up to two mediocre enemies. When there are more, situation starts to get dire (for the Riftblade of course because mobs are doing fine). It's all because of incredibly low survavibility compared to Reaver or Champion (I've tried three souls so far).

    Reaver has a nice, steady healing depending on Damage over Time (DoT). Champion has healing finisher, a lot of damage reduction and additional healing if all bearing are active at once. Riftblade has one ridiculous blade buff that has a 25% CHANCE to heal him for fairly small amount (less than 2% max HP) and an absorb shield that bursts like bubble.

    So Riftblade needs more survavibility. Some healing would definitely improve the situation. Make Blade of Elemental Affinity to always heal and make it also heal for 50% of physical damage done. Since Riftblade doesn't do much physical damage, adding 50% of it as healing seems reasonable. Just so to make the soul viable when facing multiple enemies.

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    I don't know what spec you are playing but all of the RB raid specs have at least 4 WC in them. That gets you Stand Tall. Just take it out of your spam macro and cast it on yourself when your weapon procs. That will hugely increase your survivability in RB. Relevant specs can be found here.

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    Hey Zenturion, i think you are running a very low eternal stage?

    Lvl 70 Riftblade litaraly IS the most flexible and op self sustain pve dps spec (ever in any mmo) and Starkiller- Yeets through pretty much anything (including Spe/EoA solo). Or soloheal+dps the Expansion endboss.

    Imagine, fully heal yourself once a second passive and being able to fully heal someone else once a second actively.

    Wait for the turqoise Eternal stage and enjoy.

    While leveling, just run 4 (11) In Warlord with Recovery Posture.

    See it as a mobile Enhacement Shaman while leveling and suddenly ****ing Laser-Wolverin-T1000-ReyPalpatine-TigerTank in Tier1+, finishing most Bosses alone if the rest caught the cold midfight.

    Get the Berzerker Trinket + Way of the Water and make yourself some Plutonium-Müsli with extra crunch.

    It just misses 15% dps for Hulk- status.

    You really are in for a surprise.

    // here have fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5E2...ature=youtu.be
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