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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Imperishable Prismaticc Motes and Crafted Items

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    Default Imperishable Prismaticc Motes and Crafted Items

    Recently I wanted to make a Cloud Layer for a dimension. I discovered the ingredients needed to make the item are almost impossible to acquire now. There are 12 total items in this category I totally forgot even existed in the game.

    Blackthorn Court Tree Bent, Blackthorn Court Tree Straight, Cloud Layer, Corrupted Ruins, Crawling Tribute to Malforge, Crusia Statue, Heart of the beast, Kneeling Tribute to Malforge, Sacrificial Pedestal to Regulos, Telluric Crystal, Telluric Cube, and The Sea Strider. I know there are many other recipes out there with the same issue I just do not know which ones.

    Here is why they are almost impossible. They require 100 Imperishable Prismatic Motes and one Imperishable of whichever planer type. Yes, the Imperishable planer can be bought in the store but it wasn't supposed to be the only spot it was supposed to come from the crifts. The store was just a place for those who wanted a super-fast fix These come from the old crifts of 450 skill level. Once you go above that level the crift lure longer available. Most people automatically see a new skill level and move on forward as is meant to happen.Yes, you can try to fish them up but you need to make a fishing lure that is made with the mote. The chances are extremely low even then of getting that mote back to make another fishing lure. There are workarounds all of them are crazy silly. The average player will never think of them.

    I would really like to see these items as something the average player can create again. Some suggestions I have are.

    ~First and the solution I like the best Just remove the item requirements from the recipes all together.
    ~Make the crift lure available to people with skill levels above 450.
    ~Add the Imperishables to the celestial crifts

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it makes sense.

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    Default Couldn't agree more....

    I totally concur with Kit's observations. im sure it may have been mentioned in past topic posts but this IS something that is long overdue in implementing. With the progression of each expac, the crafting requirements of old recipes have eventually been nerfed to reflect their age and availability. I use the cloud layers from the planar recipes in almost every dim I build. It is very expensive or time consuming, so much so that most don't pursue these items due to that fact. plus the expense is out of some people's range or time. While I do not have a problem with paying the cost off the AH for mats for this and other planar recipes, most do not have the funds to do so. The general cost of a full stack of the required Imperishable motes alone run appr. 2800-3200 plat. The imperishable planars still cost 900 (1k I think for non patron) credits by themselves. While this may simply appear to be a plat sink in the eyes of devs, it is something of a game breaker among dimensioneers. Even though I generally give away Cloud Layers to those in need, it is still extremely costly, almost impossible for most. Please fix this before I ramble on even more repeating myself.

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    Heartily agree with this suggestion. I have one Cloud Layer stashed away and have no hope of acquiring the mats for another one. Please consider alternatives to being able to craft these items or acquiring the materials!
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    I very much agree with this. My solution has been to hold an alt with the crafting level for the 450 lures...she has a buck load of the lures but then finding a full group/raid that would want to do those level crifts is basically impossible..

    So glad you have brought this up because it is a real gap in an ability to get these items without having to fork out a massive quantity of credits for the imperishable bits you need.
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    This is indeed a problem that has been discussed a lot of times.
    The motes is the main issue, but the larger element item is just as tough.

    Its a long time since we moved on from nightmare tide and since then it has only become increasingly harder to get the materials for those Dreamweaver and any other planar crafting recipe from that expansion, by now its actually borders impossible.

    For most people just being able to get the quest for the Craft rift lures from nightmare tide is impossible, simply because of the craft skill requirement.
    Locking your crafting to the skill lvl only works for so long, but to get the mats to actually make the weekly items, takes actually a craft rift lure in itself now.

    Those Planar crafting and Dreamweaver recipes especielly are JUST crafting recipes, they should be possible for people to actually make.

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    This... needs... to... be... done.

    And if Gamigo don't listen to this very simple but super effective request, then they're clearly not listening at all.
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    I documented this (as Holyroller quoted this post on his Quality of Life list he had given us) for the team to look at (not a second entry just informing you guys here that it was on another post as well). I hope the changes get implemented as other crafting recipes are more difficult requiring items from content that might not be played anymore.

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    Maybe a solution would be to allow the old daily and weekly crafting quests to be offered regardless of the character's crafting skill level.

    I know I have intentionally not bought the next crafting skill level range for some characters so they could continue to do the daily crafting quests that grant lots of notoriety for several of the Brevane/Dusken factions. I also did the same so I could continue to do the weekly crafting quests for guild experience because those quests are not available above a crafting skill of 300.

    Why deprive characters with high crafting skill level of the old crafting dailies/weeklies that offer rare crafting mats, notoriety or guild experience? If you started the game recently, you miss all that old end game content when max level was 50, 60 and 65.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dancingmoon View Post
    My solution has been to hold an alt with the crafting level for the 450 lures...she has a buck load of the lures but then finding a full group/raid that would want to do those level crifts is basically impossible..
    Maybe convert that from a weekly to a daily quest. That way one person could get enough lures so they could get sufficient motes by soloing the crafting rifts. They are easy to solo at level 70.

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