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    Default Free Mount every 30 days

    First time posting so my apologies if this is in the wrong spot or I'm breaching some type of etiquette. I was told to post my suggestion here as 3 times now since the daily Rift Calendar has been implemented have I received an exact duplicate mount or a mount with the word "swift" in front of it (twice now) which basically gave me the same mount. In the prior case because the mount is bound the best I can do is DESTROY the mount. With that said...since that final giveaway block is supposed to be a reward for the player (shows he/she has logged in at least 21 of 30/31 days during that month) but instead are getting these random duplicates and ultimately getting nothing...no mount no alternate reward etc. However, if the mount was left UNBOUND to the character when he/she received it, at least you could try and sell it on the auction house thus getting something as opposed to a big anticlimactic goose egg :-) . Just a thought, hope you consider.


    Kheil 70 lvl rogue Laethys

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    A way to avoid this is to purchase all of the mounts available for plat and other in game currencies. Once you have purchased all of the available mounts with in game currency (NOT cash/ credits) AND collected them you should no longer receive these mounts from the monthly rewards Calendar.

    I still get a "blue" mount that is identical to other mounts in my collection in every detail except name. But more often than not I get premium mounts from the Calendar.

    Oh, and I agree with the suggestion that Calendar mounts be tradeable to other players. I've received a few REALLY ugly mounts that I will never use that other players seem to want desperately because they see beauty in them that I cannot.

    I hope this helps you.

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    yeah I am holding swift and not so swift versions of mounts now and ultimately the only use this serves is to reach the 225 mount achievement which does not in and of itself reward some spectacular mount for having accumulated so many others

    I recommend an item that can unbind bound items if not unbinding calendar rewards so many of which are irrelevantly useless and possibly making mount achievements more worth buying so many cash purchased mounts, maybe some more tiers between 100 and 225+

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    I marked this issue down, I'm unsure if the team will support completely unbinding of the mounts, if the team will support any changes to the system however if they decide to do any changes to the system they can read the suggestion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kheil View Post
    I received an exact duplicate mount or a mount with the word "swift" in front of it (twice now) which basically gave me the same mount.
    I'd like to see a screenshot of that. You have 2x Swift <same name here> which was bound to account?

    From what I understand there is a possibility of a duplicate mount, HOWEVER it'd be a BoA version. If you previously got that mount and decided to send it to another character rather than collect it on your main, then you do have the chance of receiving it again. If you'd collected it first time round you shouldn't be able to get it again.

    I've got a couple of duplicates myself but the determining factor of what a real duplicate is, is the binding status. I don't have 2 of the same that are both BoA or BoP.

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