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    Default PTS Incentives

    I would love to offer the community a thread to post ideas they would feel more driven to help the game test on PTS for.

    personally I am tired of openning weeklies and the rewards from them not sharing to my account in the way that openning lock boxes on EU and NA contribute to each other

    I see no reason to charge us currencies for anything on PTS as it limits our ability to test everything possible

    I can see that those two concepts together present issues if we can get free account wide mounts that the PTS would then share with our EU and NA toons so obviously those would require mitigations to prevent abuse

    I think there should be battle pass style quests oriented to the fixes being tested that would pay out battle pass style rewards on Live for the efforts we put in here such that our time is not taken away from Live progress for those still working on maxxing content seeing as they are the few still around at this point

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    I've added this as a suggestion to bring up for the team, please do come up with ideas for me to further mark them down!

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