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    Default how about some new achievs

    artifact achievement has a max of 1400--while there are 1683 sets in-game atm (the 3 NMR's not acquireable yet).
    there are lot more than 225 mounts atm--so a new 300 mount achie?

    same with pets--not sure if there are 300+ or even 350+
    AND maybe a new LOYALTY BAR ? -as I reached silver allready two yrs ago.

    am sure other posters after me will think of other achies--to be added

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    Hey there! Thank you for all the suggestions! I've made sure to write them down and hopefully we can see your changes in game early this new decade!

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    Yes please some new achievements and maybe some new quests! Or a new small zone to play in? I'm not asking tooooo much am I? Hehe! Please please some content. Will resub to Rift (have been subbed since 2011, just cancelled it finally last month as there's no new content to do!) so please some new achievs, new quests, new something to reach for!!


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