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    Default normalize GCD, and over time effects, and other QoL ideas

    Right now the best performing classes all start with a 1 second global cooldown, of the rest most specs are centered around pigeon holing builds to acquire said 1 second GCD. Defiler is an extremely good example of this, 37 oracle for the half second gcd reduction is so powerful it basically requires you to take it even if you dont use a single skill in oracle, no spec should benefit from dumping half your points into a tree you can basically ignore.

    Over time effects:

    There are a plethora of skills that do healing or damage over a duration, and on the surface proccing every second, or every 3 seconds or every 1.5 should produce the same total output, and on a spreadsheet they will a skill that does 100k damage over 12 seconds barring crits will do 100k. However particularly heal over time effects this has a drastic effect on real world performance for example wardens heal over time skills often go straight to overheal because the time between ticks is longer than most other healers meaning whatever they should have healed, was already healed before the hots actually tick this is an easy fix to deploy much easier than balancing say a 1 sec gcd on 1.5 gcd classes which would cause a redesign on nearly every class that has a 1.5 gcd.

    To go with normalizing why is warden seemingly the only healing class that can't stack the same hot from multiple players if 2 warriors can stack stand talls, why is 2 players stacking soothing stream all the sudden game breaking?

    Not specifically a normalize change but... while on the subject of making things react the same dot classes by their nature have a lot of buttons and timers to manage again using cleric as an example frostbite, and ToD can not be recast on a target that under their effect, this allows the dot to be effectively macro'd, marrow harvest and sanction heretic, have cd's the same length as the dot again allowing them to be streamlined into a macro if you even added a 4 sec lockout to reapplying the same dot to a target this would greatly improve the QoL of dot heavy specs and the number of keys they have to manage.

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    I'll bring this up to the team to hopefully get some answers.

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