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Thread: State of the Game

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    Exclamation State of the Game

    State of Rift

    We all know how it stands around Rift and We all love this game in our way.
    I'm tired of supporting this game because there's just no life left in this game and not too little. Sometimes there are still sparks of dreams flickering from the time I started Rift again.Shortly before PoA was released.it didn't take long for the expansion to be made free for everyone.you could very well guess where the game's path will lead but now it's just vegetated there I find very sad.I've made a dungeon 2 times in a group during the whole time and never again since then because nobody queues up. I don't know what it looks like at the moment with raids but I don't think it's much more pleasant. These are just a few things that don't work to support the game financially.

    That's why I want to collect the suggestions of the Rift community here, so you can see what needs to be done to get the game going.

    1:Build a developer team yourself or recruit a studio for it

    2: Develope a mercenary system that allows players to develop content that was previously only possible in a larger group, even to fewer players to complete.

    3:Fixing the biggest bugs correctly

    4:Make the Simple Instances/Dungeons also Solo doable with the mentioned mercenary system so that you can use the items as well.

    5:New advertisement for the game e.g. in the form of a new trailer.

    6:New content in the form of DLC's developing, so that it also plays itself worthwhile... because it goes on.

    7:Only one EU server and one North American server...with the previous languages offers.

    I think players would come back and pay more money.
    And yes it would be on the part of Gamigo a bigger investment...

    This thread should serve only for improvement suggestions and wishes. Not to complain or to puke out!
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    I've seen multiple threads similar to your post across the years since NMT. Nothing has been done and most likely will never be done. I think it's futile to waste time and energy trying to come up with suggestions at this point. Just look at the servers. They can't even stay up for a week without derping multiple times every so often. I consider it a miracle that the .EXE even manages to launch these days.

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    Even if you try to such a thing they dont care I can assure you. What they do is simple adding more boxes, skins, and re-colored mounts and they really really care and love Rift as you can see.

    They have no intention to bring ''content'' etc for Rift their main focus was always Trove and Archeage because those 2 titles brings good money and have a solid playerbase. So many people hates AAU but still plays non stop even my friends because Archeage is a good game at least XL Games still putting so much effort in it so they dont need to have a team for AAU. For Trove they are keeping so many old people Trove getting updates mostly compared to Rift and Defiance game.

    As a Result even if I do some kinda suggestion they dont care and they still gonna say we care Rift etc. Just look at the old topics so you can understand you cant even see a CM' answer because thats what ''gamigo'' is.

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    Yeah, you're probably right, but I guess I can't really say goodbye to this game myself yet.
    Maybe it's really better if all the remaining players shut down their accounts. Maybe it would be better if the game was just shut down....

    I logged in 1.5 days ago to the EU site again and I saw 5 players on a weekend in prime time
    Halte dein Abenteuer am Laufen... EU-PvE/ Server:Brutwacht/Syliandra

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    We don't even have a proper CM and you are asking for content or real changes

    Rift is amazing free to play game and everyone should take it as one. I havent had a payment option since Gamigo took over and I will not have one in future.

    Ok ok, we have a CM. The whole 6 mins every 3-4 months to post another empty "soon" message on forums. What is he/she doing for rest of the 480 to 640 working hours during that time, is beyond me
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