I like the various mount options - being amphibious, allowing you pick up artifacts without dismounting, allowing you to pick up ores without dismounting, etc. With the addition of the Planar Pounder (matches that sweet Planar Plucker), I realized that they could be better. When I'm out farming materials, I might be just farming plants, but more than likely, I'm farming everything I can gather.

At one time, there was a suggestion to create TRAINING - not necessarily a new mount. Right now, you can acquire Underwater Mount training - this lets you apply a trait (being amphibious) to any mount that is not amphibious. This is a trait that some mounts come with inherently. I'd like to be able to purchase "foraging mount training" and "artifact mount training" and "mining mount training" and so on.

These trainings could be less costly (because they apply to a single mount) instead of a buying a mount for all characters on your account. They could be added into the rotation for the weekly boxes and/or other loot boxes. Etc etc.

And most importantly, I can ride my Volt all day every day doing all the things I want to do (with the exception of Opie's super jump, but I can't aim that right anyway).