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Thread: Zone Events

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    Default Zone Events

    I was told that unstables happen because there isn't enough people in the various zones to kick off events. As less people play the game, is there any way to change that or lessen the amount needed? The celestial land invasions help so much with what is needed to upgrade various armor/weapon pieces, they hardly happen now. I know I am shard hopping, opening the 40 fire rifts I need for my wand. I have to assume others are doing the same.

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    The Oct. 10 path notes said "Reduced the cooldown of Zone Events."

    I don't know if that actually happened, if zone population affects it or how much the cooldown was reduced.

    I don't know why they don't have at least 4 zone events running all the time (one each in Mathosia, Brevane/Duskan, Plane of Water and Celestial Lands. Zone invasions are one of the nicest features of the game and it's possible to solo a zone invasion, even when mentored down to gain experience.

    The Battle Pass daily quests often involve completing a zone invasion in a specific zone. They are often impossible to complete in off hours because there are no zone invasions much less one in the specific zone for the daily quest..

    Another possibly would be to add cheap zone event lures like they have for some World Events.

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