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Thread: Suggestion: Daily Quest Limit

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    Default Suggestion: Daily Quest Limit

    Please for the love of all that is holy to you; increase the daily quest cap or simply remove it. I realize this Daily quest limit has been in place for a long time but I honestly do not see the point of limiting daily content they aren't repeatable they are daily's. Guess wut? I'll be doing them again tomorrow, well lets be honest I'll be doing 30 of them tomorrow and no more than that ever. I suggest removing it all together and here is why.

    I'm a returning player and this seriously screws you over in trying to play catch up. I've got every profession so that's -12 daily's every day, I've got the autumn harvest event going on so -4 more daily's. I've got a weekly that says I need to do every zones portal quest, I still need to cap my reputation so I do all the daily zone quests except the invasions; So that's another -12 daily's gone from my quickly dwindling daily limit now lets add on the fact that the battle pass quests count toward your daily quests for some unknown idiotic reason. (Fyi I know you can claim them on an alt and bypass daily limit) But do you see my point I haven't even gotten to finish my most important Uttila daily's and I'm already capped. Seriously Why?

    Please Fix Trions Mistake Uncap Daily's...

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    I think you have a good point. I don't know what the original reasoning was to limit the number of daily quests. It may not even apply anymore given the current status of the game..

    If a person wants to do every daily quest available every day, why not let them? There could even be an achievement for doing 100 daily quests in a day.

    Since you pay credits to unlock an additional profession slots, it would be logical that the payment should also raise the daily quest limit by one.

    I never understood why World Event daily quests should count against the limit as they are temporary. .

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