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    Default Maintenance Time

    Which bright spark thought the middle of the afternoon is the best time for maintenance - iti used to be like 3am, you know, when there are virtually no players online!!

    Any chance you can change this?

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    I always remember it being Wednesday mornings. At 3am there is many people on. The USA isn't the only ones that matter.

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    Yea... about that, unless crap happens to the servers, maint. is always this time, and this really is the best time in my opinion, it's late enough that most people are at work, and ends early enough that the servers are up before they get home, in theory. XD At least for NA the time works well enough, I mean, some people are going to be inconvenienced no matter when it is, so might as well lessen the impact as much as possible by having it at not a prime time.
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    Hey! Seeing as this is a suggestion please put it in our correct sub-forum next time please! Thank you! Also we appreciate the suggestion and feedback regarding the times, obviously there will always be an inconvenience to users around the world as I'd imagine lots of EU folk play on our NA servers as well! Nevertheless we're still reading your posts!

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