we all know you have put little to know developmental manpower in place while working on all the hardware crap

so knowing you won't commit the resources this game trully needs to adhere to your 18month expansion cycle proposed in earlier letters from Zyra, lets try to optimize the output from the guy that cant handle a whole xpac alone

you guys should really run some polls, post them on glyph, rift.trionworlds, gamigo.com, FB/Rift, Twitter/Rift, Heroes of Telara Discord and get a fix on who your majorities are, ask things about Openworld PvE questing preferences and extra curricular achievement activities, PvP and which maps and modes are most preferred, Raiding and what players prefer in mechanics v skill punching simultaneum, crafting and what the masses want added to it

I for one cannot handle a 5 to 6 key skill rotation with my hands, Bloodhound is wonderful for the "I am bored" crowd but Shaman 1macro spamming is optimal for less functional players

in PvP I despise hold the flag and farm the enemy 15min matches, I want it to be a sprint to win like a kill count fest where a certain point scale makes the match end after enough kills occur

in openworld there is WAY too much dependence on daily repetition to max noteriety and level up, I maxxed my noterieties in Vanilla by completing everything in zone, in SL the same save for Torvan Order, in NMT it was the planar Rep I cannot recall now, in PoA though I havnt maxxed anything BUT the planar rep and Uttila then end game rep

Tok's was an awesome thing, Calweddi cost too much, Tok's 2 was going to be epic and got lost in the buyout

artifact achieves capped at 1200 sets, I am sure I am over 1500 now and no more rewards, bounties capped at the first 100, pretty sure there are 200+ now, unstables were limitted to vanilla and SL, poison/burning/nightmare have been restricted to PTW Stonefield and Gloamwood

I know if you ask these questions you will discover simple ways to keep us busy until a full expac can be completed