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Thread: Making Rift into a browser game?

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    Default Making Rift into a browser game?

    Hey there, I was wondering if Rift could be turned into a browser game? Or, like, parts of Rift?

    A friend mentioned that the old Diablo game was now a browser game, and they were quite impressed because that used to be a very advanced and top-of-the-line game, back in the day.

    Article: Waste away the hours on free-to-play 'Diablo' in your web browser

    I'm not sure how far away we are technology-speaking from putting the bigger MMOs into browsers, but maybe it's an idea that could be put on the back burner for now? No mountains of files to store on the computer; just kind of streamed through the browsers, I guess.

    Screenshot of a random browser game, just as an example:
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    I don't think browser support was ever part of the Gambyro engine. Most 3d browser games were done in Unity which has that built in.
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    It's not free actually

    It's playable for free, although you're limited to the demo version with one character class, a fraction of the levels and virtually none of the conversations with Tristram's residents. Don't fret, though. If you have a copy of the full game (whether from GOG, a disc or elsewhere), you can load its main data file and play all the way through to the climactic battle with Diablo himself. Whichever version you play, it's a way to both trace the roots of the Diablo series and see how much the genre has evolved in 23 years.

    and to advertise its free is BS. But if your a big wow fan sure and I think Rift is in my opinion (doesn't matter i am not a lv 70 ) Is far better off not as a browser game but it is a good thought none the less and doesn't hurt to try out new things

    Thank You for sharing

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