Hello everyone,

For many players, we've been waiting for more than a year for content. We have not had anything really new since the end of 2017, apart from EoA there was nothing very sensational.

I know that the Comet of Ahnket raid was originally planned for PoA, and that it was eventually added for NMT as a T3 raid. I'm sure it would be much easier to adapt to version 70 than most other raids, plus several things that it could be a "good" raid version 70 !

- It is the theme of the extension
- It's already a 10-player raid
- Most mechanics should be suitable for level 70 without much difficulty

Now, why am I asking that?

Because taking time to adapt the raid will allow players to occupy themselves for a while and thus, have more time to develop the future content.
Because LOTS of players are starting to find the long time and they would all be happy to have some "new" things to do for a while.
Because it will also allow you to "train" on mechanics raids and on the design of a raid just short.

I think that the time invested to adapt the raid, if it is well done, will allow everyone to breathe a little later, either on the side of the developeurs or players.

Thank you all for reading me, do not hesitate to share your opinion in the thread !

PS : English is not my native language (i'm French), sorry for the faults :/