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Thread: Summerfest costume weapons that go with swimwear, beachwear sets

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    Default Summerfest costume weapons that go with swimwear, beachwear sets

    It would be nice if there were Summerfest costume weapons that were appropriate for all the Summerfest swimsuit and beachwear sets. The only costume weapons that seem appropriate now are the Short Oar (1-Hand), Long Oar (2-Hand), Marshmallow branch (2-Hand) and Marshmallow stick (1-Hand).

    Here are some recommendations:

    Ranged - Super soaker-type water gun, Speargun (would go well with Snorkel Mask)

    2-Hand - Fishing rod, Pool noodles in various colors, Flaming Tiki torch, Tennis racket, Baseball bat, Collapsed beach umbrella

    1-Hand - Summer sunfish, Lawn darts, Sparklers, Lifeguard rescue can (made famous on Baywatch TV series), Life preserver

    !-Hand and Offhand - Fishing rod and offhand Summer sunfish, Tennis racket and offhand tennis ball , Badminton racket and offhand shuttlecock, Grill spatula and offhand hamburger

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    If you are looking for summerfest weapons costumes you could also try:

    Crushing Carp
    Sand-worn Architect Terminator

    Other than that I would agree with you.

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