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Thread: Open up the VP dailies to more casual players

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    the fight becomes a lot easier if you have the following...

    a lasting aoe, that allows movement..
    rogue/ tactician with necrotic core
    mage/pyro with legendary firestorm

    movement casts... instant casts while moving around
    rogue / marksman with chain of destruction, battle sentry, strafe ( they require los while starting the cast, but you can run away while the cast continues

    mage/ warlock dark touch (could consider the dark armor as well), pyro for @target firestorm and countdown

    rogue planar variation for full selfheal (masteries)
    mage phantom stream for full selfheal (masteries)
    rogue planar replenishment for partial heals (masteries)
    mage overflowing vitality for partial heals (masteries)

    use a feast
    use insoles, the running speed does help
    use weaponstones/SP stones

    break free.. from memory, that should work for the movement slowdown from the aoe.

    make target macros for both mobs.. makes it easier to switch target when they become immune

    make sure you see their chat/casts in chat and/or big enough in screen, so you will know when to cast the buffs.

    I ran the quest with pyro/lock/ele and mm/tact/ranger 58mm/18tact gives buffs and heals.. barrier remote, legendary curative engine and curative core, that can be placed next to the damaging necrotic core
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