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Thread: Expanding the crafting system with specialization and new BoE gear for newcomers/alts

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    Default Expanding the crafting system with specialization and new BoE gear for newcomers/alts

    Hey everyone,

    One big feature of the game, which has been a bit neglected this expansion, is crafting. They implemented the crafting rifts and planar crafting system, but didn't expand it far enough to make it a 'big thing' in my opinion.

    Based on this, I'd like to see recipes for BoE crafted gear, which is placed somewhere between LFR and T1 gear (similar to EoA gear). To keep things interesting, I thought about adding two 'twists' to these new recipes, to keep it them exciting for a longer time.

    First of all, you obtain the recipes from a new crafting monthly quest. This way no one will be able to craft everything day 1 and you have to choose which profession you want to focus on first. You can only pick one monthly quest for the trade skill you want a recipe for (similar to the crafting weeklies) and pick a recipe you want for that trade skill as a reward.

    Secondly, a new material is used for these recipes which is extracted from Tenebrean Engines. A trader in Allitu will allow you to trade in up to 3 engines per week for a 'Tenebrean Fusion Stone' each (per account/region). These fusion stones are BoE, so they can be sold, bought or traded. Why this new material? It gives a reason to run LFR and T1. Simple as that.

    The rest of the materials required for the new gear are Celestial Matrixes, Prophetic Amenders and store-bought plat ingredients.

    I think this new gear will benefit many players overall, as it:
    • Creates new value to LFR and T1 raids
    • Keeps Crafting Rift materials interesting
    • Offers new recipes for crafters that require you to specialize, so you need to work together to get a full set done
    • New way for newcomers and alts to buy gear for plat in preparation for raiding or to fill 'unlucky' spots

    Please let me know what you think!
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    I agree with the overall sentiment that crafting needed to be made more useful than it currently has been in this expansion, but I don't have any good or realistic suggestions for it.

    In my opinion I think the easiest way to help people catch up would be to offer alternatives to range weapons other than the crafted ones as that's a major factor that gates people from catching up faster. I personally never liked the idea of crafted gear being BIS as BIS gear should be earned through raid. As you pointed out though it would be nice to fill some gaps for people catching up. To add to that, it also gets really grindy and or expensive with the sheer amount of matrixes you need for the current crafted pieces. Not everyone (especially not new players) have the plat for that and when content burns take place there are less and less people running crafting rifts to get said matrixes. The only other issue I see with adding in more gear alternatives is that we currently have a gear bloat problem where most of it's not that useful even for catching up.

    As it currently stands:
    Expert Gear - Mostly if not complete skipped by most people.
    EoA Gear - Useless outside of the runes which barely drop in the first place.
    LFR Gear - Not much point with EoA Gear
    Vostigar Armor - Not much point if you have EoA or LFR

    Not to mention that's not even factoring in the suffix system. One of the biggest issues they've always had with introducing catch up gear is not putting the appropriate amount of hit you need in order to do each Tier.
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    That could be a good idear if there were new raids which figured on the horizon. If the raid scene stay frozen for 1 or 2 more years there is no goal to farm.

    Whatever it could be a good idear if those craft rifts were harder because actually the mobs die in 2 hits. You can had more rewards but make it more challenging.

    RIFT is about rifts so more challenging content/rewards(stuff, mounts, fragments, etc.) on rifts with little effort from Gamingo would give us something to do. For example nightmare rifts with biggers difficulties and bolstered stuff system where the further you go the more chance you have to loot a Bis fragment, etc.
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    I personally asked once if we could get the Celestial crafted gear for every slot, it would add a massive amount of questing to tier up the way we had to with the helmet and ranged weapon.

    I think adding a new tier to the current and future celestial crafted gear would be a very welcome idea for non raiders as well just to get to the full 2550 hit value even if the stats are sub par to full BoS

    it would also be nice if we could get another step on the Eternals to get full 2600 hit, maybe include a crafting element rather than another big raid completion requirement, just throw in some storm cells to slow progressing them down for non raiders farming Xarth for datagrams.

    also I would love to see a celestial line of potions and a full set of runes for the slots not currently covered by EoA.

    also could we maybe get more dream orbs to add to all slots since those kind of lost steam since nightmare tide.

    I would love to see new crafted dim items as well, maybe some relic grade crafts that require matrix/motes or planar dusts.

    we would love to craft some new costume set bundles as well if you don't mind. say perhaps the unreleased shiny shiny items DeadSimon placed in the wardrobe list that never got added and the eternal skins that were for dev events hosted by devs that had to move on.

    more crafted pets, minions and perhaps add in a mount that we can craft like a mecha mouse or mecha hound. thats just scaling.

    would love to get a higher tier of consumable enchantments too.

    I would also love it if the recipes for Tok's Gear could finally get nerfed some now that all the hardcores got their badge of honor fishing up several thousand Scoria Fish.

    and as requested in several other threads could you please bring the loot table back up to useful on fishing so we get more dim items and stashes, artifacts, costumes, mounts perhaps, pets and minions.

    thank you Archonix, Avathar, Illiria and Zyra

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    The unfortunate reality is that crafting (or world gear) will always suffer as long as the belief is that raids are to be the pinnacle of progression options. Until the devs get over that logic hurdle, you will never have a solution to the problem.

    RMT and market manipulation are valid sub-concerns to what amounts to making a viable trading economy, but these also require solutions beyond simply making good items. Bluntly, it requires a more aggressive stance against bots and various exploiters that, to this day, I can't say I've really seen any MMO be willing to take. As such, the "solution" also just falls back to raiding under the presumption bots can't do it, which always seems to to prove patently untrue given enough time and willingness of people to cheat.

    Mechanically, just locking things behind time gates is something I can't get behind regardless of play style. There are fair ways to limit item rarity beyond this method, as well as promoting the destruction of excess to avoid MUDflation. The concern some may play too much and thus burn themselves out has always been a problem of such players' own making and typically translates to punishing casuals or those with more erratic play times due to daily/weekly/monthly locks/refreshes being missed and never recovered.

    If the goal is more to make casual crafting profitable, then I'd say the first step is to establish an NPC economy. Craft dailies actually exist as an example of this, but their problem is that they just tend to be a resource sink and not a meaningful fountain. With appropriate care given to rewards, you eventually create a hard minimum worth for all goods that improves if players don't farm certain things. A more dramatic approach would also be to eliminate all wearable equipment drops from monsters/chests. Sounds scary, I know, but I think most of us would agree that Runecrafting and the like isn't really sustaining lower end markets and is just more a loose pocket change thing for people throwing junk drops on the AH with maybe the occasional lowbie actually wearing whatever to level in.

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    true rewards do need to outweigh material costs

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