I think it would be cool if gamigo could arrange some twitch Prime promotion, as it reaches a huge audience.

Another F2P MMORPG had a 3-stage promotion from January to March, giving out a very generous bundle every month, that included free VIP (patron time), a costume, a nice mount, XP and crafting boosters and more. Those promotions actually made me check out and enjoy that game and I saw plenty of people with said promotion mount in game.

The little pet giveaway on MMObomb is nice, but I think a bigger promotion on twitch Prime would bring some new and returning people back to check the game out (again).

The twitch / Glyph linking function already exists, so it should be reasonable to set something up.

Of course, this doesn't fill the content void we are in, but new players and long-time returners still have plenty to do/catch up, so it could generate some extra activity and profit while gamigo hopefully works on proper new content.

My suggestions for promotion contents would be:
- Level 65 boost
- Patron time
- Cool 110% mount (i. e. twitch purple Arclight Rider)
- Cape wardrobe
- Portrait badge/frame
- Companion
- Minion