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Thread: Eternal Shield/One-Hand Toggle Ability

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    Lightbulb Eternal Shield/One-Hand Toggle Ability

    I bet this one got suggested before. And yes, I am a warrior too.

    Please make Eternal Shield can be toggled between One-Handed/Shield so warriors can use a proper weapon with proper stats.

    When I returned to RIFT few months back *again*, realized warriors using One-Handed weapons and learned about how Icy Burst legendary ability's DPS depending on auto attack hit frequency. So, I crafted myself a trashy rare one-handed weapon, used it aside my Eternal One-Handed and my DPS were increased by 100-150k compared to using two-handed Eternal Weapon.

    Now game telling me to grind for something low tier which I sold to shop couple times before (ticket still ongoing for retreiving the item back but I'm not hopeful). I have all upgraded T2 gear except that 1 piece, that trashy rare one-handed because I'm not skilled on foresee class changes nor lucky enough to drop it for months.

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