Hi people I am Envoy of the Shadow King

And this here is mine suggestion this time for pvp.

PVP Warfronts new breath of Live or skip it and let die out?

Warfronts and what to do with them as is.

There are a few obtions of how I suggest 1 can deal with them.

1. Keep it as it is.(Don't change anything to it)
Currently warfronts are fine the way they are or not, who cares changing them costs to much let it stay the way it is to safe costs and resources for other things to change instead.

2. Change it. (Its gonna take Effort, Time and Resources)
go for cheap changes or expensive ones.

Cheap changes version.
Remove all healing from pvp making all the players get more kills, and nobody that ruins the game for being immortal and unable to kill.

Everybody can kill somebody in there nobody stay's alive forever.
(Let the none existing massacres begin in there)

Some warfronts will be broken with capture the flag and hold on to the "Thing" to win the match with over time earned points will be ruined.
Unless special ability's that only are able to get there and use in there are made to replace healing skills that have been made to stop working in warfronts.
(That way the 2 sides will be equel strong in healing power fairness at last or not but it will be better then what they got right now)

Expensive changes version ( Why am I even suggesting 1 thats costly!)

Beside making use of the changes that version 1 offers add in.
1 Remove old type warfronts mechanic for joining and add in as replacement this type.
Clear party limit type warfronts with type's that only allow them 5 vs 5 man made party's of joining.
And the type of warfronts that only allows the solo/duo type party's of joining.

All people that like, liked and could be made to like pvp warfronts will not get unbalanced team as oppenents.
If they go solo/duo as much as before this change.
The full 5 man party also will get fair challenge in there own type of warfronts where entire teams.
Of only 5 man each time join 1 side or the other to help win to warfronts type challenge.

Whats different from what they got now you ask?
Simple you pick either join solo or join as party but atleast as far as indicating that there seperate type warfronts they don't.
So it stands to reason that people will think they end up in unbalanced warfronts at this rate.
Thats why this is suggested if that not correct and they alrdy end up in different type warfronts.
It would be great to add that info in the PvP Section when opening that page ingame instead.

More Costly, more Time Consuming and less sure if its worth the Resources Spend.
(Maybe more fun and lovable for the pvp players but still you can alrdy make them happy with cheap version instead)

And thats it for this one, hope people agree or disagree and either way give there opinion down below thank you all for taking your time to read this.