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Thread: Shards upkeep cost more then worth yes/no?

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    Lightbulb Shards upkeep cost more then worth yes/no?

    Hi all I am Envoy of The shadow King

    Shards upkeep cost more then worth yes/no?

    Not sure if ts gonna happen but just incase it happens cause the upkeep is higher then the revenue brought in each time.
    Reduce the amount of Rift shards for players to play on in the Eu case that would mean 1 english shard, 1 german shard and 1 French shard.
    But plz ship over the players characters and Guilds and there possesions in bank vault and in Dimensions.
    Without breaking it down completely to the remaining shards, while removing the char limit for just the players that get those char's shipped over to the other shards.
    And letting that be there new limit unless they buy more charactar slots for the remaining Shards.

    The positive advantages.
    Is yay crowds in the remaining shards no loneliness and plenty fighting over mobs unless you increase there spawn rates to prevent that problem.

    So yes now the negative problems.
    Shards maybe get unstable with to many players in a area, causing players to get kicked from the server. Or getting a unpleasent amount of lagg.
    Then the increase of hunting same mobs increasing there spawn rate will fix that same with rare mobs increase there spawn rate and done.
    Unless there Dimensions are taken along for the ride to the remaining shards Dimension Makers will cry Blood Tears for ruining there hard work.
    Unless guilds are transported intact to the remaining shards, there hard work for getting it to lvl 30 will be all gone.
    And they will be deprived sad and likely to leave the game, with it getting a bad reputation as result same if Dimensions aint kept intact and transported safely along for the ride.
    The same will happen again a bad reputation will be gained.

    With this I hope to suggest to prevent damage done to the game of Rift and to the new owners gamigo to give them a chance to salvage and improve the game reputation instead.

    To make Rift and its other games gain a good positive reputation.

    Good luck gamigo dev's and srry for the big mess the old dev's left you to fix blame trion they gave the orders.
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