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Thread: Regain Reliability For Pay2Win Souls

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    Lightbulb Regain Reliability For Pay2Win Souls

    Hi people I am Envoy Of The Shadow King

    Regain Reliability For Pay2Win Souls

    Currently the pay to win souls people can buy are not Stronger, are not Faster, are not Better, are not worth Spending Real Money on for players to get.

    This was a massive mistake of the old game owners. (Trion failed big time)
    It made players stop spending money/revenue on getting them souls.

    The idea is a verry clear suggestion to turn around this sunken ship, back to the surface sea of profit making and enjoyment for players to play.

    When players buy Souls that are not available for free, they expect them to be Better, Stronger and Faster.

    People buy things to enjoy them not to waist money for nothing but disapointment.

    For odd reason the old owners decided that all souls on each time they get changed should be made anew.

    Thats not a bad thing in its own right if they did the job right but no they ruined pay 2 win souls they should always have made sure pay 2 win Souls are Stronger on a passive lvl compared to other free souls be 50% more.

    Just equiping a bought Soul should alrdy result in far more passive dps, defence, speed, health and mana then there free counter parts.
    With 50% increase before even putting soul points in that Soul Tree, then further increase that passive boost given be it.
    Using that soul for each Soul point spend on it be 5%.

    Instead they massacred the Pay2win Souls making people stop feeling the need to buy and revere to them as valuable and worth getting.

    Players the people that come to join and play this game have 2 obtions in this game.

    1. Free but limited enjoyment.
    2. Pay to Win and have more potential enjoyment.

    1. Free but limited enjoyment.

    You enjoy the game for free without the extra's, you can play and finish the game for free and not spend a penny.
    But miss out on what you get if you bought, the extra enjoyments you can have and Enjoy ingame.

    Extra Enjoyment Example's are.
    1.Patron faster getting things done, be earning more and gaining more exp.
    5.Extra skills for making stuff.
    6.And Pay2Win combat souls that let you play differently from the free players.

    2. Pay to Win and have more potential enjoyment.

    Or you can enjoy the game be being a patron its advantages are verry clear.
    For players with litle time for game play this lets them compete with players that got more free time to play and grind.
    This lets them support the game and lets them gain something back for doing it.
    Then there is the extra obtions they can buy ingame Rift Store for even more enjoyment.

    What do's the suggestion in tail this time you people may wonder?
    Well sit back and let me explain The Tale.

    1 Time there was a age where in people could play free souls in Rift to make there character role as they pleased.
    They coud fight and finish fights in decent times, mobs and boss fights alike they could handle with ease.
    The people known as players, Defiants and Guardians alike played in harmony and strife.
    In this game world known as Rift they forged friendships and formed Guilds.
    They explored and competed for who is the best.
    But then 1 day some of them people/players had less time to play and enjoy the game, they needed a way around it.
    If they did not want to fall behind and be left in the dust be there comrade's.
    The then Owners/Gods heared there cry's for pitty and mercy, they decided then to create Patron and soulpacks for people.
    It would allow them souls to fight Stronger, Faster and Braver then the rest to keep up with them.
    They invented Patron for a constant effect even when doing small things, like simple going from 1 point to the next.
    And getting things to come to them to speed things up.

    But 1 day a evil God appeared among the other gods disguised to look like the rest it decided to destroy the World the game known as Rift so many came to enjoy and know of slowly but surely.

    Pay2Win was its target and it succeeded no matter wich class it is. if its about there Pay2Win Souls they bought.
    There either equel or worse to the point of trash compared to free souls be this evil gods doing.

    The Reliability Suggestion is to undo the evil gods wonders and forever make Pay2Win Souls loved again be the people to be bought revered and valued for the grandness that they are.

    Trion is gone for good but we still have the game and gamigo to change the destiny of this game 1 last time.
    For players to stay and new players to come a good reputation is needed, fixing the mistakes the previous owners made.
    Is the best way to get players to speak positive about the game, to others to bring in new players for free adverticement that is.
    And a bad reputation would do the reverse scare new players away and ruin a game.
    (Make's current players leave the game aswel if mistakes aint fixed)

    New owners gamigo this is your chance we look forward to what changes you bring.

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    RIFT was never intended to be p2w in the first place. The DPS paid souls I agree that they are undertuned at least from my warrior and primalist point of view and that they should perform slightly better than the free souls but not so much to completely overpower the rest of the souls.

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