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Thread: Achievements we know we did it right and still not?

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    Lightbulb Achievements we know we did it right and still not?

    Hi people I'm Envoy of The Shadow King

    Achievements the Love/Hate relationship of Players with them

    Letting players get the achievements with less hassle for customer service support be use of a automic achievement system ingame. They did the mechanics the correct way but checking if its true takes to much time no longer needing to worry about that with this method they gain all the achievements still just with another slower method if them said achievement are bugged the normal way.

    Plz implement this Epic Fairness Change, to remove any chance players need to Cry Unfair. You can make it so they have to atleast finish, that said place a set amount of times before getting it still be killing all its bosses normal style.
    They can get to make use of this service, it will be cruell for those that did correct the first time.
    But if that means a automatic system that gives them all the achievements, of that place over not ever getting them at all.
    Some will rejoice and come back and stay and others simple won't leave.

    The Customer service department for ingame problems will work more easy if you make it a automatic system.
    And yes just make the achievement part automatic, and not the rest all the other parts of customer service. Will be more usefull if theres still people there to think and decide.

    Players in Rift do Open World Content, Chronicle Content, Dungeons Content and even (hard) Raid Content. Then its great when your effort pays out, after a long days work and you did a job weldone. (It should normally be that way atleast) In gaining the achievement and its extra's you put effort in to get from the start.

    Plz make sure the The department of over seeing giving out the achievements will get a overhaul entirely for effienciency and fairness to players.
    When players have to send a ticket to still gain there reward.
    For a hard days work of sweat and tears, becuase a achievement was bugged.
    Becomes a different method obtion incase of raids dungeons and chronicles in wich that they slain all bosses in there fine he/she asked for gaining a specific or multi potential bugged achievements give it to them.

    Some ranting for the lost souls that left this game and for New Hope that the new improvements to Customer Service and Support be new owners gamigo lead to new and old players return if implemented.

    Ranting starts.
    (To many failed to get what they deserved after all the hard work only to be denied it because of unsure reasons tickes failed? no clue poor souls yes they are, left the game them souls did, for failing to give them care and support the game support did let change bring them back let change give Rift new live)

    Come on gamigo teams for Rift we all wish you the best of luck, to implement changes for the better big and small ones alike. We understand small ones are more easy then big ones, and hope that after the small ones are done the big ones can start.
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