Hi people I am the Envoy of The Shadow King

The World is ever changing Ingame and Real Live alike prevent charges, penalties and fines!

Get rid of items/things that let you gain some stuff from a selection on Chance that can be bought with real money completely permanently and never let such things come back.

Some counties are advancing in new laws constantly, its only a matter of time before all countries go full law for ingames online. And it won't be pretty start fines for gambling small nope high fines instantly with in this then that.

In this games case that case would be you guessed it, Locke boxes for they are pure based on Luck so Gamble law will be merciless. When they find out about it and simple removing such things, or replace with ones with guarantee is best. They won't fine the game and the players get this specific list of items from this lockbox and these from that all in 1 go. And not just a selection of them on chance.

Prevent Risk, Prevent Danger from The Law.

Rift and other Games new reborn Dev Team plz get on this asap, the faster the better to prevent losses.