Hi I am Envoy of the Shadow King

Slashing the Rift Store credits costs in halve and more for others existing items for Benefits for the 2 sides of the Coin.

Currently above 1k credit costing Items lower below 1k credits decrease sell prices be more then 50%.
Currently alrdy below 1k credit costing items lower further down with 50%.

We all know ingame and real world low prices means potential, people buy quicker, and faster then when its expensive. And thats why when things don't sell, things start getting lower priced for short times. Or permanent to keep selling to the people.

The Rifts ingame Rift Store has a mega potential to be used often if only the prices where focused on buying cheap. Currently its still high priced or insane high prized, to buy extra enjoyments ingame or to be. A bit more then you are or to skip grinding for gear. All those fun things locked away be a barrier of high prices, making people decide not to buy. Rather then buying at a little at a time for low prices.

You can lower prices for items that currently cost more then 1k in credits, for all things to less then 1k in credits ingame for all players, free players still paying more then patrons. And you would have a massive increase in customers using the Rift Store

The old ways have shown they high priced items have caused few to buy from Rift Store the start for change is now. And all of them items in Rift Store need them changes in them. Or letting it stay this way means no buyers almost at all, low prices means lots of cutomers maybe. That will cause a boom in profit hope so I am suggesting it to work for the 2 sides of the Coin not just the players.

How big a change will this be? how much work? I hope it will not be impossible and that it will be litle work to the dev team. Gears needs to grind and they need to work to do so.

Some will maybe object and say but wait all things? you include gear for raiding in that then? Yes you want to hold up players and make them frustrated? That they can't join in the fun of raiding? with there fellow guildies? You want them to grind and expect there to be nobody that would have said, if only I could get the finished product cheaply for this old T1 gear and join fully to help you people out in the Main Raid in T2 or T3?

To improve the game Resources are needed currency is needed to ignore obtions and say no just cause is wrong.

Some free players find this unfair so what? They have the same obtion as the players that payed you only let them Buy the Previous Tier Raid Gear after the new one came out with Credits after better gear came out! So nobody can say they have a head start, no they get to start at the same starting line as the others. They just skipped the previous hardwork, so they could help and have fun. With there fellow guildies/friends right away thats a big difference.

I hope this suggestion/statement will awaken the New Reborn Dev Team to ignore all opposition to this and push forward this change for the better.