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Thread: 2 ideas how to solve the mount duplicate problem

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    Default 2 ideas how to solve the mount duplicate problem

    So the mount collection has been resorted and the old lockbox mounts now mostly have a prefix (i. e. "Swift), while the autoscale versions keep the normal name. This is also causing that you can get duplicate models from the Trove of Mounts calendar rewards etc. The reason for that was, that Salvatrix stated in a previous thread, that you can't handle mount speed and mount skins separately, like in other games (this would cause major rework and possibly problems). I was thinking more about it and came up with 2 ideas, how to use existing systems to make it possible.

    • All Swift versions are replaced by autoscale ones, so you only have 1 mount per unique appearance

    Option 1:
    Instead of the speed being "on the mounts", all mounts have 60% base speed, and the increase is handled by an accountwide buff, similar to the "Daglar's Horseshoe" buff from loyalty. So instead of buying the mount with 90% speed, you learn the next "buff" that increases the speed of all your mounts by 30%, etc. Like with the "Treasure Map" buff, the higher buff always replaces the lower one, so you always only have the highest buff shown on your character buff bar. Depending which highest mount you had before, you'll get the according buff for free after the cleanup.

    Bonus idea:
    If it would be possible to switch the buffs once you learned them via your ability menu, you could set your max. mount speed yourself - which would be nice for artifact hunters etc.

    Option 2:
    Training mounts. Instead of having speed on all mounts, there is only ONE training mount with a speed increase that you can collect and buy for plat or credits. This can either be a real mount, that works exactly like the other mounts but has the speed increase -OR- it can just be collected like a mount, but isn't summonable (i. e. you call it "Basic Saddle" for 90% up to "Marvelous Saddle" for 160% etc.). As like Option 1, you get the ones you had before for free after the cleanup.

    Both of these systems are already in place, so there shouldn't be much that can break. I personally would prefer option 1, but option 2 is good as well (just seems a little more "workaroundish"). In any way, both are much better than getting tons of duplicates.
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    yes please , this is a big thing i would like fixed ( it's big because its been a long time and needs to be fixed lol)

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