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Thread: Rift should be about Rifts

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    Default Rift should be about Rifts

    First lets' acknowledge that there needs to be more content. These things take resources, so therein lies the challenge.

    However, way back in Nightmare Tide, we had the shores of Terror. Which is great and if you ever did open world NMR's and keep having them ruined because people stood in red or ignored mechanics, then you understand how great it was to have the option to run instances.

    Here is the suggestion: Why not release new 'Raids' that use Shores of Terror? I would think that designing content for this would be easier than constructing an entire new raid. Rift always seemed to put rifts on the back-burner or open world content. It's time to get real raid rifts.

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    More Rift based content would be nice. I agree that the game should have a big focus on Rifts but here's a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

    First of all I never liked Nightmare Rifts. It felt like I was forced to do them for my seal which was eventually replaced by a better one (All that effort wasted) and now again for Planarite. They never rewarded anything decent apart from a random chest every now and then and sometimes Artifacts and Dimension items. The concept was nice and they were somewhat fun/challenging in organised groups but really there was no reason to do them once you had your seal maxed. Adding personal rewards every 10 waves or so would be a good step. A chance at a lesser/greater or a decent fragment. That would urge us to do another 10 waves. NMRs just kept getting harder over time and the rewards did not increase at all.

    Currently open world rifts take way too long and rewards again are terrible. I get the same amount of planarite from low level rifts which are much faster to complete and I have absolutely no need for Celestial Remnants / Void Stones. Low level rifts for everything, makes high level rifts completely useless apart from dailies. Eternal weapon grind, go do low level rifts and get it all done in thirty mins to an hour.

    Raid Rifts are a little challenging and require groups to be somewhat organised. Loot on the other hand has terrible RNG. It's made it much harder for people to get the essences they need. Personal loot system is horribly designed. More Raid Rifts would be nice, bring back the t2 Raid Rifts.

    Zone Events I feel lay in the same category as Rifts. Current zone events are made boring by people just standing around waiting to tag the boss. I can't remember the name of the ZE in Stillmoor but you got a substantial amount of stones for tagging each behemoth. Stones back then were actually useful too. Also again, low level ZEs better than high level ones...

    Overall increase the rewards from Rift based content. Make Celestial Remnants useful. Let us buy fragments with them or something. Put better essences on the store that we can buy with remnants. Make current level content relevant.
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    It already has a ton of Rift content. I think they need to add more Raid Rifts that generally drop tier 1 and 2 fragments though. They really need more ways to acquire those fragments. They don't have enough optional content that drops the proper tier or even element you are looking for.
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