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Thread: Auto-mentoring during Zone Events on Live + new shard

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    Default Auto-mentoring during Zone Events on Live + new shard

    So once again we see level 70s nuking Hellbug invasions and footholds. I think it would be great if during ZEs (except Unstable) everyone in the Zone would be auto-mentored. In addition there could be an extra shard maybe, that you can't create characters on but hop to if you want, where no ZEs ever spawn.

    Anyway, these max. levels nuking everything is destroying the fun for everyone else.
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    I was wary of automentoring on Prime and always been afraid of it coming to Live because in general, automentor on Prime just made day to day playing a chore. I signed up for the daily grind, but not being able to run through the starter zone because of constant dismounts got annoying fast.

    That being said, I've been thinking about ZE automentoring as a viable option. CTA has 2 solutions in my opinion: Automentored during the relevant (or all ZEs) or fix the quests to not give credit unless mentored to within 7 levels (aka "gain exp")

    Automentoring would allow all ZEs to be protected from those who don't want to put in the effort or want to deliberately deny others. I have started my 4th Eternal grind (for the wardrobes) and own the Bloodfire Fatestone. Every day, every single day I used that for about a week, one or two of my Behemoths were sniped out from under me by a 70. The few that answered me claimed to be helping their guild mates. Automentoring would have forced them to help properly by healing or tanking and I would have easily reached the boss and helped with DPS and healing.

    The only legitimate reason to not mentor during a zone event is if you're soloing it and have to run quickly between defending one wardstone and an objective. I get that. I've solo'd many many events for the achievements. It sucks and would be much harder with automentoring, but it may just have to be the sacrifice to make ZEs not so rage inducing.

    My initial solution to this problem was 200% damage reduction buff (just to be sure) on anyone attacking ZE objectives and a small part of me wants anyone who is over leveled to have all of their DPS reflected back and insta-gib them when they nuke bosses.
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    I'm am way more supportive of a NMR/Planar Equity style debuff rather than blanket mentoring. With a punishing 'knock it off' damage debuff

    Shard Traffic: Of course it would never be as bad as Prime, but to force people off shards constantly (Bloodfire Fatestone anyone?) would certainly cause some manner of traffic issues especially if you include a single shard for people to hop to.

    Rares: Rare hunting can be tedious enough, constantly shard hopping only to be knocked down to base level when a ZE pops just sucks.(Those Scatherran ones were scary enough on level.)

    Eternal: This is one of the reasons I hate the Gedlo IA. I want my procs, I worked for it. If you force me to mentor, give me my procs cause I have power issues even out of 70. (Obviously the most selfish reason.)

    Damage Levels: With the current mentoring system we still glass stuff. I could be level 20 in Freemarch and still really mess up the locals. A ZE mentor would have to be re-tweaked to keep it from happening and I don't look forward to the Prime levels of number shuffling to get that to work.

    It all boils down to QoL in the long run, either from not having ZE's nuked out from under you or dealing with a blanket solution for some dillhole players. Since we already have the back bones for player by player nerfing and boss protection for situations, I support that if you intend to tag a boss you'll have to do your "Within 7" rather than force people off shards every time something pops.

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