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Thread: "Join Public Group" option offered earlier on, in Xarth's Skull zone event

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    Default "Join Public Group" option offered earlier on, in Xarth's Skull zone event

    You know how a lot of the zone events have the option to join a public group? This option doesn't seem to pop up in Xarth's Skull events until stage 2 (like, after the cannons have broken through those first walls).

    Before that, I've just been kind of individually inviting people to groups, so I can see their health bars and have an easier time healing them.

    My suggestion would be to change when the public group option pops up, to include that very first stage where the cannons are blasting away at the walls.

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    Often you can just click on players nearby during events so their portrait pops up. If they're in a public group with space available, you can click the little + sign on top of their heads to join.

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    the pop up pops up when there are planar mobs around..
    it could be that everything before that stage is not classed as planar?

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    "Join Public Group" will appear only if there is someone nearby that has their group setting set to Public. It can be set to private. Also, the group must have at least 1 spot in their group for the message to pop up. Groups usually start as parties, with a maximum of 5 people. The group must be switched to a raid to allow up to 20 people.

    As an example, you could have 7 people around you - 2 of which are in a group but the leader has their group set as Private and the other 5 are in a public group but it is still a party and not switched to a raid. The pop up message would not appear.

    On a related note, groups (whether private or public) get a message that says "Merge Public Groups". Sometimes that does not work - in those cases a group has at least 1 spot open to prompt the message but when the system tries to do the merge, it can then determine if there are too many people overall. A group of 3 cannot merge with a public raid group if there are only 2 open spots in the raid - but the Merge message does show up all the time.

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