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Thread: Call-to-Action Event tweek requests.

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    Default Call-to-Action Event tweek requests.

    I have some suggestions for future Call-to-Action events:

    1- the biggest thing that is needed is for the zone events to pop A LOT more frequently. If these events are to replace the old Promo Events then I would suggest that there needs to be at least one ZE somewhere on the map at all times (the old Promo Event quest could be accessed and run at any time so these events should be similar).

    2- something really needs to be done about players that aren't mentoring down for the zone events. There needs to be some kind of auto-mentoring during the ZEs or have the damage of players 8+ levels over the zone event mobs do zero damage to those mobs (I don't know if it is even possible to do this but it would probably be the best solution). This would be a Live only request obviously.

    3- if it isn't possible to guarantee there is at least one zone event at all times would it be possible to have a lure added that could force pop the event?

    Feel free to add your own suggestions below.
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    Are you on NA or EU?

    I have been using the lure to pop Unnatural on NA basically constantly, when I can. So I'm definitely in the "even more frequent" camp.

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