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Thread: Option to disable Carnage Quest pickup

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    Default Option to disable Carnage Quest pickup


    It's very annoying to automatically pickup carnages on alts when you are running around old zones. They are filling up your quest log and quest tracker quickly, and often stay in there unfinished, as you just killed a mob that was in your way for a Summerfest scavenger hunt, ran into a Crafting Rift or in crossed your way an Instant Adventure area.

    I would like to see an option that supresses the automatic pickup of carnage quests, so I don't have to manually abandon them all the time.

    Thank you!
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    The kind of nice thing is that carnage quests are a category of their own so once you fill that up (I think the max for carnage quest is 25) then you won't be able to pick up anymore. Go into the quest log and remove those 25 from the tracker and you are good to go. I think it will still pop up a warning if you try to activate your 26th carnage quest but that can just be ignored)

    That having been said, I agree that being able to turn them off would be nice. The carnage quests seem to reset for me periodically so when I go to an old zone (that I know I have finished carnage quest in) I will get carnage quest auto added to my tracker.

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