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Thread: Summerfest 2019 proposed changes.

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    Default Summerfest 2019 proposed changes.

    Would it be possible to revise The Great Planar Scavenger Hunt Part 1 for Summerfest 2019?

    In particular I am thinking that the Gorboro Reef challenge needs to be updated to reflect that Nightmare Tides isn't the top end expansion any more. When Nightmare Tide was the top end expansion it may have made sense that you needed 60 brisket, 30 merpho, and 30 zirthan dreamleech since it acted as a resource sink and since most players would be playing this content constantly and have a good stockpile of them. Now that players aren't playing this content on a daily basis throughout the year (for the most part) maybe the needed resources could be trimmed down for Summerfest 2019.

    Note: I happened to have the required items still in my bank for the one toon I did this quest on so maybe farming the items isn't as bad as I imagine it is (will see when I do it on some alts).

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    I'd love a pass of everything + 5 Celestial Lands 'hunts'. Sure make the new 2019 stuff of higher bracelet cost than ever.

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