Like a toxic relationship with a girlfriend you love, somewhere you have to draw the line & wave goodbye. It's a decision for your own sanity & one done wondering what the last 5 years actually meant.
I don't play 54NB, never in my life would I play a 1 button spec. What kind of self respecting gamer would. This is the class most needing a nerf, it should have been first on the list.What is the challenge/reward in hitting 1 button to run around a raid and be at the top of the DPS charts. I want to know if I achieve something there was effort involved, not that I was carried by a broken class. Rift rewarded
Raiding in MMO's was once something that meant something, you had to manage skills, buffs, DOT's, position your character and deal with specific mechanics. I can't begin to understand the priority system you used in how you dealt with classes. Pyro never out DPS'ed 54NB, but slap that with a nerf. Ele was a bit better, but way behind 54NB. Mage became a support class, a jockstrap. Who ever picked a mage in an MMO to be a jockstrap, we came to pew pew pew.
I looked at my warrior, but there was only 1 spec, something so broken that the combined DPS/healing was so overpowered it filled 1 1/2 roles in a raid. Nobody would let you play anything else. I suppose I should reflect on the positive, it did require more than 1 button. Some relief came in buffs to Reaver & Paragon. Nut Paragon is fundamentally a 1 button spam with a dot refresh and Reaver struggles with target swaps.
Did I mention Cleric, Inquisitor gets a mention, but in alot of fights by the time you have placed your buffs, dots and are ready to start to DPS, something is either dead, you are changing targets, have to move or something. And this spec has the most to manage of pretty much any class, it doesnt pay to want more than a 1 button challenge. Druid is solid ST, lets not swap targets or worry about AOE. Shaman has a chance.
But why bring them when you got a 1 button NB.... Clerics make a good tank/
The DPS levels on different classes can be very dependent on eternal weapon upgrades.and by different amounts. 54NB did ok though. So running TDNM & IRoTP required different levels of gear for classes. Its almost like you have to have the gear that drops, but not 54NB.
If the aim is to try to get a level playing field in BOS, its 3 bosses in a game. Classes suffer huge inequality to get there.
I gave up aiming to get to BOS, it seems every time a non ezy 1 button spec could be used you stuffed it up with nerfs around eternal weapons, BOS DPS or something.
Yes, people can pick this apart, fault things, but you know exactly what I mean.
The game is not fun. You need parity through the game, in melee and ranged. You need parity in difficulty to play. Nobody wants to be carried and not everyone wants to play a melee rogue (yes MM is being nerfed apparently so there goes my rogue)
I wish I could freeze my patron, Im shutting up shop, banking my stuff. I may check back in to see if you got your **** sorted in 6 months. After the grindfest of the early days of this expac, the frustration & expense of fragments, random nerfing, the lack of parity & diversity is the final nail in the coffin.
I aint accepting the rez.......