So Salvatorix added a HUGE amount of unobtainable wardrobe skins to the store a while ago, which can currently only be purchased with credits. While a few of those skins are "new" and I don't mind spending some credits on cool skins, many of them are old and bland skins. Just adding up all the skins I need that are not obtainable in game, I'm easily into 6-digit amount of credits.

As a collector, it would be nice if the majority of skins (not new sexy exclusive premium skins) would be available by:
  • Playing the game - earn random skins you need from dungeon bosses etc.
  • Patron boxes and calendar rewards - adds random skins you don't have (and that are not super exclusive) to your collection
  • Sinking void stones, affinity and other "useless" currencies.

I'd love to complete my collection, but adding up all those credits just results in me spending 0 credits on the wardrobe, as the total amount of credits I have to spend to complete my collection is just too huge. And seriously, who is spending so many credits for those skins?