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Thread: Massive Rift Improvement Overhaul Project!

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    Lightbulb Massive Rift Improvement Overhaul Project!

    Hi Everybody let me first introduce myself I am a long time member of rift and like all people I have "suggestions" if they get implemented thats another thing entirely.

    Massive Rift Improvement Overhaul Project!

    Now I got a litle list of points to discuss/suggest.

    1. Fighting style Moves.

    2. Rift Store Expansions and IRL money.

    3. Rift Raid currency's and Engine's!

    4. Movement speed on foot.

    5. Dialog skip crystals.

    6. Planar Fragments.

    7. Wardrobe obtions on viewing.

    8. The Recycling of Old Dungeons and Raids.

    9. The eternal fight with souls the Tech Dev's and Maintenance Crew hold Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

    Ok lets Start shall we.

    1. Fighting style Moves.

    As you all know and in case you did not know, Rift has a wide variety of souls and fighting styles. Depending on wich skill, gender and souls you use a different combat action may been shown.

    Sadly this has shown to not allways give ppl the nicest to view actions be there character forcing them to change things like Gender, race, souls and skills or simple leave them be.

    When playing rift allow players to go to System, Settings, Interface and from there either put it under mics or Combat.

    3 obtions you can decide from and click on.

    1. Casual.
    Keeping things as they are without changing things, as far as shown combat moves go be the character.

    2. only Melee or ranged weapon shown actions.
    You click either 1 of 2 obtions to be shown wich will cause your character to show only melee combat move actions with his/her weapon/s of choise.

    Or Only Range Attack motions with attack weapon of choise in case of no range weapon it will still show melee weapon.

    3. Custom
    Massive obtions to pick like show only melee weapon motion actions within a self set amount of meters of target, to deciding when to show only range attack motions.

    And further like wich specific attack motions to show and use during combat, from using a set amount of actions you pick on setting up as a list. To use during combat wich resets when it has done the last one of the obtions you picked. And resets when starting new fights.

    2. Rift Store Expansions and IRL money.

    We all know the tale expansions and rare things are meant to be a 1 time thing you can get and never again after its gone! humbug, bad pick and bad decision I say.

    Make all the things that are only ingame clearly shown as available be only IRL Money also ingame available be directly use of Credits.

    Make the old rare and legendary and epic Expansions specific special ability's, pets, vualt access and mounts come back.

    1. You can either make them reappear only after a duration of 1 year after there gone from Trion Rift return in this following specific manner.
    While letting the players use either 1 of 2 obtions. IRL Money or Directly Ingame with Credits for a fair decided price per article no matter the type. To sell the things in parts. Under a Special Old Expansions Benefits menu in Rift Store.

    2. Or you can just make them appear like that in parts right after taking them offline in there current full package mode for a slightly more increased price in Credits per article.
    Only so can all players new and old as long as they either them selfs by using IRL Money get credits or buy from auction a Rex or from Rare Special events be Trion etc.
    Can get them at all times to make playing Trion more enjoyable form themselfs and others.

    The Idea behind this is people that come later can still get all stuff people before them got.
    And they only need to pay a bit more credits per artickle then when they would have been there ingame when it first came out in full package/Expansion.

    For Fairness and a Feeling Of Belonging.

    3. Rift Raid currency's and Engine's!

    Always a hassle them currency's carrying them around forever!

    To do a fair improvement would be re using old currency's, for newer ones that came after them with a Exchange NPC or Rift Store Obtion.

    Like in Order of the ladder starting from bottom currency working upwards at a exchange rate of 10/5.

    100% in amount of lower tier currency traded for 50% in amount traded for 1 tier higher new currency.

    So you exchange 1000 useless old currency you get back 500 usefull currency for your current lvl and zone etc.
    And you repeat that each step on the ladder all the way till the newest ones.

    Ofcours we Separate World currency and Raid currency in 2 different ladders. This will hardly cause ppl to go Berserk over it but it will be a nice Improvement.

    Same go's For Engines exchange old lower tier ones for new higher tier Engine ones.

    Add a Simple Defiant/Guardian excuse per Home base to go along with the NPC and done let each claim it as there own invention for improving militaire might and economy!

    4. Movement speed on foot.

    The idea is simple running and walking take forever, get a mount np.

    Just 1 thing if we want to get from point A to point B while fighting I think everybody thinks slow aint fun they can pick walking in obtions if they do.

    And riding all the time aint fun being able to run is supposed to really mean running!

    To have old and new players come and stay playing the game you need to have a Fun enjoyment, while playing 24/7 always never feel like a grind. Never like a march to never gonna get there this year!

    The Professional solution is a new system mechanic in Rift.

    That allows players them selfs to decide the run speed from 2 methods.

    First Method 1. Obtions decide and click on 1 of the following types of speed from lowest, low, midle, higher and highest run speed.

    Second Method 2. Or a higher and lower scroll bar for speed.

    The obtions are these 2 never again will people complain about being fast or slow cause they got the Freedom to decide for themselfs!

    Fun is main Ingredient all games must have! a lack in that is a lack in players.

    (Short Rant but a fact all the same)
    You Know it! I curse and spit at mine slow movement speed no way the excuse of lets make that class slow for this or that reason work on me!
    Keep other classes speed the same but increase the movement speed of leather and cloth wearers be double! The other classes ?
    What about them Chain and Plate weigh a ton in IRL I am allrdy fair be not asking for reducing there run speed.

    5. Dialog skip crystals.

    Each Chronicle, dunguon, daily tale and raid bosses with a story to tell.
    After having done it 1 time place a Dialog Skip Crystal infront of them do not make ppl lose intrest in the game cause of having to wait useless.
    Skip crystals or ability to just attack them while they talk fine either way.
    Its useless, boring and kills desire for ppl to stay and play the game and doing the things in the game we want to have people enjoy playing and come more often not less.

    Add them for each talking boss.

    6. Planar Fragments.

    PLz add obtion Ingame to prevent the Fragment drops in bags if ppl don't want them in Obtions Loot.
    Or add a npc that sell item that automaticly breaks them apart for you that you can buy!

    7. Wardrobe obtions on viewing.

    We All know how people love the wardrobe obtions in Rift
    Add in a few functions that make use of the collected rune's, stone's, and transformation items on self etc.

    You collected and bought from events etc for the Aura on weapons and full body to reduce amount of bag spaces used and increase wardrobe fun for players.

    Then Add in be using that new feature system for wardrobe's a fair number of new wardrobe artickles to buy, gain and earn.

    Let them be New full body aura's that also then will cover your wings/bags in Awesome, impressive self courage improving Aura's.

    Do the Same for Weapons aura's.

    Purely cosmetic fun but long lasting and worth it to draw old and new people to Rift.

    8. The Recycling of Old Dungeons and Raids.

    So how to do it first make new system random name: Elitist Dunguons Recycler and Elitist Raid Recycler give's highest Tier Currency per kill boss when in there, your worthy of real lvl you reached outside.

    Despite the fact then when ppl entered be use of system they will be mentored properly to fit that Dungeon or Raid as like in the old days allowing old and new players to join up enjoying old Dunguons and Raids together.

    Sounds Easy but far from it reusing same dungeons and raids to often makes players lose intrest lose enjoyment to do playing game.

    This is just a system that will prevent the turning of old dungeons and Raids from getting forgotten while still getting a usefull gain from it while putting in a fitting effort.

    In the short Run people Feel: ok, fine and maybe? (Not really but we understand new players will speak differently)

    On the Long run it starts feeling bad, worse and terrible is how it starts feeling some people skip some feeling stages and instantly go to feeling terrible.

    New Dungeons and Raids will still always be a first and reusing old stuff a second place.

    9. The eternal fight with souls the Tech Dev's and Maintenance Crew hold Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

    We know it, you know it, they know it, who don't know it?

    Each time a change is brought to souls its either a nerf, a big nerf, a ultra nerf or a slight increase in dps for some souls.

    The suggestion is simple but first let me say this people put in effort to get high dps be trying to mix souls when they succeed they earned there high dps and nice boosts as the Reward for the effort.

    Easy route ahead you would think? No sadly not.

    The Tech people start nerfing it robbing them of there reward for there own hard work!

    The Suggestion is: Never reach for nerfing ever period!

    Reach out for increasing dps of the souls left neglected that give less dps, that are the trash left out that people feel aint worth there time currently to play with.

    Thats how you make all player classes happy and give them each something to work with.

    Do not Nerf but Unnerf the souls always!

    Thank You All For Your Time
    Srry for the ranting and hope these get implemented shall we.

    Till next Time your Envoy of Rift!
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    Lol, i have also a good suggestion for all the people that want changes.

    Find about 25 million dollars and buy Trion, the all of you can do what you want with the game🤣.

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