I would like to suggest to give the reward of the "Seeker" event to the first player on each shard that completes the achievement, rather than world first players.

There are two good reasons for it:

1. Due to the downtime, EU players had a tremendous disadvantage compared to other players as the game was not playable until it was already too late (in time). In the case of myself it was about 23:00 - 1:00 midnight. Consider, then, work, downtime due to respnsibilities and you can easily see that the play time was 1 day short.

2. People are searching high and low for some REALLY difficult boxes wasting a tremendous amount of time with the promise of silver tier loyalty for the first? (world first? Shard first?) and 3 more random people. It costs nothing to Trion to reward silver tier to the first player of every shard so at least there is a sense of accomplishment and a motivation to search for yourself rather than wait to be told where things are. This way Trion would give away about 15 +- silver royalty + 3 random which may sound counter intuitive but it is actually a fair system to different time zones and play styles. At the end, the world first players are rewarded rather than the absolute first.