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Thread: Make a level 70 CoA version as 2nd T2 raid!

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    Default Make a level 70 CoA version as 2nd T2 raid!

    CoA shouldn't have been a T3.5 raid in NMT, but a T1 in PoA. It fits with the expansion and was a great raid, the code shouldn't be very old too. As T2 is very poor with only BoS and iGSB without launch date was announced as T3, can we please get Intrepid CoA as second T2 raid?
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    While I HATE intrepid anything with a burning passion due to feeling like it's a lazy attempt at filling a content void, I absolutely loved the 3 difficulty modes that CoA had.

    Easy Mode - gave a way for casuals to get in and see mechanics without being a drag on the group. Had lesser rewards and fewer mechanics, and a slowly stacking buff that pushed you to finishing the instance.
    If you felt confident enough to step up from there you could do Normal mode the next week if you so chose to do so. Adding in better rewards and more mechanics for each boss.
    Again once you were comfortable enough to try more difficult things you could bump it up to Hard mode next week. Again adding better rewards and more challenging mechanics.

    Hard mode is kicking your butt, no problem you could always turn it down one, go to normal and finish up there. Not ready for normal mode yet, finish on easy.

    This gave a nice easy learning curve for people inviting new players, casuals, or alts into their groups and still being able to progress, while at the same time offering something more challenging for the more hard core players.

    After seeing that raid I truly hoped that would be the standard formula used for raids in the future. It was the most inclusive and inviting structure a raid has ever had in rift. I'm truly saddened thinking that such a good system was abandoned.

    In hindsight I can understand why it was dropped though. Seeing how hard it is to get one instance out for us on Live is proving difficult enough let alone balancing that raid 3 times over. Specific boss/encounter bugs aside, I personally feel like it was the single best thing they added to the raid scene in rift, the 3 tiered difficulty system for a single instance. It will be missed greatly.

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