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Thread: turnoff automatic kickout dungeon

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    Default turnoff automatic kickout dungeon

    Maybe turn off automatic kickout of dungeon after 60 seconds or you are not in a party anymore after completing a dungeon.

    Because or you have a quest and you want to turn it in or complete it (solo) because a party skips it you can try it then solo to complete it and you don't need to queue anymore for that dungeon.
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    It's there because instanced content like dungeons has a player limit. If someone gets kicked or leaves the group, they could stay there to spite the other players because a new player wouldn't be able to zone in to replace them since there are already 5 players in the instance.

    To solve your problem after clearing an instance, if it isn't manually reset you can zone in by walking into the entrance portal by yourself instead of queuing into it and it will still be cleared allowing you to do what you are talking about.
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