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Thread: Promo Event Mounts and Pets

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    Default Promo Event Mounts and Pets

    What I Want
    * Celestial Unicorn
    * Empyreal Walker (preferably blue, but any color is OK)
    * The pets exclusive to Temporal Flux

    These were earned from old promo events (Unicornalia, Temporal Flux), either with currency or via limited time lockboxes. We've been told these events are indefinitely on hold.

    Ideas on how they could be brought back
    * Direct store sale (I for one would buy the above)
    * Test promo events and bring them back in to rotation (I'd participate with as many characters as possible)
    * Put the lockbox mounts on the PRI Vendor (though this would not immediately give me what I want)
    * Make the currency truly account bound, or at least voucherable and tradeable within your account (preferably going along with the previous idea)
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