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Thread: Berserkers trinket

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    Default Berserkers trinket

    This trinket is very useful as a tank - giving a large health boost. However I feel given its 4s falloff it does discriminate a little against clerics. The 1.5 vs 1s global cd means that unless we DPS every other GCD (and there are other useful things we could be doing like DoL etc) then we lose a huge lump of health. A rogue can dps every 4th gcd (or every 3rd to avoid lag) and still keep theirs up, allowing use of other abilities in the meantime. It also means that more time is needed to get to max stacks for the same reason.

    I would suggest changing the proc to work off TAKING rather than doing damage. Gain a stack for each tick of direct damage (not AOE splash) max every 1s, so everyone takes 4s to get to cap. Which is rather more a tanky thing to be doing. Or increase the time before drop off (though that will still disadvantage the 1.5s gcd player).
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