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Thread: XP-Boosts where it matters Suggestions.

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    Default XP-Boosts where it matters Suggestions.

    I posted this in the general forum but I might give it a suggestion here too.

    You bleeding at the moment players cause of the grind.

    I understand that a certain grind must be cause if not the player burn to the content anyway But give them at least a certain incentive to feel less grindy.

    My suggestion for the zone and exp.

    1. Main storyquest and interesting quests that are fun (scotty). High exp.
    -> This connects people to the world
    -> binds people together cause all doing it
    2. Higher exp for crafting
    -> builds an exonomy and keeps player spreading in the world therfore killing stuff - exp
    -> economy gives people reason to stay and exchange with each other
    3. High exp. for invesion if they are activated by many rifts opening - gives player incentive to buind together.

    This should bust a player alread to 3/4 of exp in an area - it is fast done, the rest should be managable by dungeons, pvp or a bit or normal quests or grinding.

    This would make one zone feel fun, you are nearly there then you know ok the last step is a bit of a grind but the first 3/4 of every zone is a short brezzes - keeps player happy but the constant stead grind will burn people out.

    You start the zone you go to storyquests, you breeze through it, exp constant big flow, you kill stuff for crafting a bit and in short time reach 3/4 or 4/5 of the level of the zone you know now it gets a bit of grind, takes time but then you willl have a breeze in the next zone in the beginning. The last part can be really grindy but this would be then with the easy start in the next zone barable and you would have an feeling of achievement when you finished a zone
    You bleeding at the momement players.

    If you like my suggestions please like this post and give comments so it can be looked at.

    Another way would be that the first few xp wars of a zone get filled faster cause need less xp and the last bars of a zone need more exp, this would be an easy fix but this would not give any positive effects as I described with my idea above.

    Better make the last 3 level or so a graind, so people are already close at 50 and can do nearly everything expect for raid
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