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Thread: PvP is important but it might need to change

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    Default PvP is important but it might need to change

    Dear dev. team

    What makes Rift attractive is the talent trees but everything positive has something negative. It is extremly difficult to make it viable for pve and also to be viable for pvp. Especially when the pvp community is not always the community with the most patience.

    There willl always be the ones that min max and with time could work with most specs but most want to just play and how they like. The soultree makes pvp for many player frustrating with the talentrees especially cause most player just want to play and not make doctor in quantum physics.

    You already had the solution and I think you should go back there.
    PvP talent trees.

    This for every spec so each role (mage, cleric, warrior, rouge) has 2-4 different pvp souls. To have 12 pvp souls like you have souls now would be too much but 2-4 could include most different playstyles in each role.

    Then make the bracets smaller or designe the souls that they adapt level.
    & do lot of talents that is skill shot based this helps to keep training relevant and less a question of gear and level.

    I am not realy the pvp person so I gladly hear feedback from pvp-players.

    I post this cause with prime you have a good chance of a new start if you now would in a year make a new start with pvp you might be able to keep the momentum. If rift would also could become interesting for pvp it might live a really long time.
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